Bear Kid Series Ep. 26 - Celebrity Dreams

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Welcome to our 26th episode of the bearkid series exclusive only here at Steemit. A photo shoot with my lovely daughter @bearkid. Every Friday we travel, tell stories, cook, share about life and culture. Tonight let's dream a little and make a little bear's dream come true.

Celebrity Dreams


Our hungry little bear takes her evening snack and munches on some shoe string potatoes.


Not a care in the world she keeps on eating and enjoying a quiet evening.


This is a delicious snack and I think I will eat all of it. Crunchy and cheesy at the sametime. Maybe I should save some for later.


Hmm..... maybe I would have a little more.


Bearkid kept on eating and eating. She did not realize that she has almost finished all of the treat.


She picked up the last few pieces and found out that it was all gone.

Ooops I finished it all. Too bad I won't have anymore for later. Anyway that is ok as it was quite satisfying.


Bearkid got thirsty from eating all the shoestring potatoes. She poured herself a mug of cold water to wash down the snack that she just finished.


Gulp Gulp Gulp Gulp Gulp............Ahhh
How refreshing


Bearkid was full and it seems the sandman is singing her a lullaby.


Giving out a good yawn she said

I'm getting sleepy and I must be full. I don't want to sleep yet but my eyes are getting heavy.


Powerless to fight her sleepiness she gave in and took a nap on the table.


While she sleeps a mysterious fog suddenly visited bearkid while she sleeps.


Bearkid still fast asleep the fog became thicker and thicker.


The lights went out and suddenly a beam of lights danced around the sleeping bearkid.


Round and round it went it emanated a mysterious magical aura. As it went around our sleeping bear. A transformation is happening and still our bear is not aware.


Finally bearkid woke up.

Hey who turned off all the lights and where did this glowing light come from?

Puzzled and confused she stood her ground and watched as the beams of light encircled her.


The lights went out and it was total darkness.

Hey what happened to the beams of light as I was enjoying watching them.
I hear some noises coming from that direction and there is also light coming from there.

She walked slowly towards the light not knowing what is was.


A curtain was covering the light source and she slowly peeked thru the curtains.

Hmm what is goin on? Why are there so many people outside? Should I go outside?


She peeked further outside and then she hears people screaming saying

Beak Kid! Bearkid, Bearkid!

Our little bear got more confused

"Why are they chanting my name? How did they know me?"


"To find out what is going outside. I must go outside and ask the people."


As she went outside a bright spotlight shone to her direction. Left and right the people surrounded her.


Left and right people took photos of her and bearkid could not do anything but to wave at the crowd.

"Hey I think .................I'm a star! How I don't know but this feels good being a celebrity is something I have always dreamed off."


"This is my chance and I shall enjoy every moment of it."


Bearkid did a couple of poses for the crowed which made the screaming louder and louder. Chanting her name, "Bearkid! Bearkid!"


" Ha ha I'm famous just like one of those popular K Pop Idols ha ha."


People began asking her questions.

"Bearkid how does it feel to be the most popular endorser for Steemit?"
Bearkid replied, "What do you mean endorser?"
" Yes endorser as we know you have a lot of billboards all over town." replied the interviewer.

Bearkid got confused more spoke to herself silently.

" What is this guy talking about? I'll just go along with it and act like a star."


Another interviewer asked her, "Because of you more people are joining the platform, more people who walked the streets. Seeing your ads got more youth interested in blogging.

Bearkid replied, " Ah yes those billboards and ads are really something and thanks to my photographer @watersnake1o1 for those awesome photos."


"Do you have any message to all your fans out there?"

With a confident response she said, "Yes I do! Live life, follow your dreams and Steem On!"

The crowd gave an applause and cheered.


After a couple more interviews, signature signing and some pictures with the fans.

A question still lingers in her mind, "What is going on?"

" I think I would take a little walk outside.


While strolling along she saw her ads all over the place.

"It seems it is all true that is my picture over there and I look good in it."
"Looks like @surpassinggoogle was right when he said, "We are the celebrities"
"I think this is it, this is what is happening we are becoming celebrities and I am enjoying every moment of it!"


"Hey look at that! My Steemit ad is on that bus, it goes around the whole day reaching more people."
"They would see my picture and they would say,"What a cute little bear and what is Steemit. How do I join?"


After hours of walking bearkid felt sleepy again she looked for a bench to rest for awhile.

She was teleported back to the kitchen table where she was sleeping.


Bearkid woke up and said, "Where are the flashing lights and the cameras?" Where are my big billboards?"


"Looks like it was just all a dream but it felt so real and I could still remember everything that happened."


Still a bit drowsy from her sleep. She took something off her face and carefully inspected it.


Was it a dream? ...........................or could be a reality in the future.


Hope one day we will see Steemit ads and billboards all over our country. Promoting our community to the public which will help us grow more.


Thank you for spending time with us today and we hope you had fun seeing a bear become a star. It may not be in real life but without dreams, magic and stories life would be so boring.

In case you would like to read back thru our adventures. Feel free to check how the series was born The Bearkid Series Story

If you had fun please help support our series every Friday that would make our little bear happy and well fed lol. Until then have a good evening Steemians!

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All photos are original and taken with

Lumix GX85 Sigma 50mm 1.4

Snake new 2.jpg





This is ery interesting story! until finally she became a star. but I see she makes she hand like a metallica style. does she like the flow of metallica? Thanks for sharing !

Thank you very much. Ahh she loves different types of music and some Metallica too. She got it from me who is a hard rock fan. 🤘 rock on! @yandot

definitely she's a star because your such a brilliant manager... all photos are stunning and crisp..

perfect shots

Haha thank you nagagalit na nga matagal ko na daw di na susweldohan ahahah.

Haha! That was a fun story! And you did a great job on the photographs.

Crazy right hahah thanks for checking.

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