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I cried out of the sound, knowing that my inability to hold myself this time would make me miss the opportunity to turn my face Mom forever.
In my heart, my mother's face floated right in front of me.
I opened my eyes and thought that the loss would end, I had to touch my mother's face again.
I thought, and I reached out to his cheeks.
His laugh suddenly appeared, and I saw his face more clearly in my bedroom. Before my hand touched my flesh, I changed it and hugged myself and yelled,
My head hurt so badly.
Mom bent over and hugged me, making me wrinkle eyebrows trying to look around.
Happy !!! I'm back !! I came home right away.
Dr. Sokhom appeared behind my mother, I was very close, I understood what had happened here.
My mother might have seen me go barefoot but she thought I had a heart attack every single time.
Now I have overcome the black shades and I have rowed the boats to the shore and finally they went to the dock. I scare, I want to drag into the water?
Oops! Laugh too much!
I may have slept for too long, and have been sick for so long.
Dr. Sokhom passes the medication for two, but I do not swallow it. Taking my mother to the hospital, I dropped her in the trash.
I do not want to swallow anything because I do not want to sleep because I fear that I will never return.
When my mom comes back, I get up and hug him, then I cry because of nothing.
"I'm sorry! When your baby is still small, you can not think of going to the meeting and sending your baby to your neighbor! They are not careful, causing your child to see a fire burning home, too terribly annoyed to heart, now! It's a mistake! "
I could not explain to my mom the dark truth that I had When asked, he said:
"Mama! Where's My Laptop ?! "
" In the drawer! Mom is just as good and no-one else! "
I thought to myself, maybe he did not see the book unfortunate.
"Mommy! I want to incinerate you, you own land, ma! "
Sudden puzzles suddenly occurred in his eyes, making me even more suspicious.
The red shirt owner, who was injured in the middle of the wood flooring, float back to my mind, my memory. You make your mind forgetful, hopeless.
My mother just said,
"Last night, they did not know where they were drunk. The landlord is gone! The people in our neighborhood are finding ways to rebuild! "
My heart was cramped. I know why you, the owner of the land and his statue are destroyed but I can not say anything Only by drying.
My mom was so upset that this situation would have made her so nervous because my character was never so hopeless. No.
I tried to explain to him:
"You are almost ready! Mom, stop crying! "
" You're crying! "
He tries to lie and makes my heart ache.
My first mission was that I wanted to get up early to get up and walk. I want to be wise to deal with these things, and I also want to know that I'm actually sleeping in a bad dream, A heart attack, or is I really cursing the book?
That evening I got up in front of my mom.
My head is no longer painful, but my heart is completely dark.
My mom was busy sitting with me, he did not do anything like this, and I said to him,
"Mom, do it Also! You are here alone! "
" Are you sure? "
Mom always spoke English with me often. I brushed my eyes and said, "Yes."
I know that my mom has so much work to do that she does not have to sleep at all. His boss paid him a high salary but dropped his own job to replace him.
He was forced to go back to work in his room, but I knew his heart was still on me, so I tried to smile. Encourage him.
"Is the world still in magic?"
I thought and looked at the screen of the neighboring television screen. From the image of US President Barack Obama.
Science and logic still have a powerful effect on me.
I think that I am myself, as a skilled intellectual as a successor to modern times, I will overcome the black. These dark things were my wise advice, as he told me.
"Land of fire and air!" Do
not know why I still miss it and keep repeating these four words?
It is a Chinese geology lesson, which uses the basics of air pollution as a base element, but does it relate to god witchcraft? The black moon is so astronomical?
I really need my computer right now.
In this age, computers are a knowledge base, and only knowledge is the solution to everything.
I got out of my room and went over to the bathroom.
I was naked when I washed away all the grief ... but
oh yeah! If I can not control, I cry out of the air. Is my long nails long, and my nipples hanging in the bundles?
I opened my eyes wide, raised my fingers, and remembered my fingernails.
"I'm a witches like that guy?"
I panicked and tried to defend myself this was a dream.
I tried to think again and again that when the doctor drove the donkey, I accepted.
Is my body normal? Otherwise, my doctors and mom are dying, and in a few minutes it grows fast.
I do not know how to run to the thick gloves and wear handbags immediately.
My heart was panicked and started to run to the computer to find the tip of the book.
"Mother WiFi, how are we?"
The mother shouted back:
"Get away, baby! Monday came to watch! "
I glanced upward, thinking, jumping, ready to go to the library.
"Mom, go to school for a while!"
"Hurry up, baby? Is not it easy to know? "
"Come back, Mom!"
I left a heart that did not want to rebel against my mother.
And from this death, I want to sacrifice my remaining life for him and want to do everything he tells me, but the circumstances I really can not wait, I have to go back to the book to find its secrets and solutions.
Maybe my face was dry or because I wore gloves and short pants too, everyone was nearby. Looks like me strange?
... I do not care! Everyone is unaware of the end of the world and do not know how bad it is.
If I became the heir to the black moon, not just anyone I love or hate, everyone here will be Become ash.

I, like a witch, have to kill everyone around me without remorse?
Walking in front of your mind, I stood still and just bowed.
"Young man, Can tell, what do I have to do? "
No answer, he did not know.
I'm confused, picking up the rubbish, preparing his house, and collecting the ashes and legs with confidence, put it right into the can.
Ashes filled my gloves, and behind my back, my mom showed up with a worried face.
I turned slowly ....
My mom is less of a mistake that I am nervous and know that she has followed me sticking to this place?
In heartbreaking, I walk to him, but he raises my phone to show me.
"Teachers of Culture, Imma, give him your baby to call her soon!"
Mom came to pick me up ?
I tried to smiling to make it refreshed, but my mom followed suit and looked at my gloves.
I say to his mind:
"A little bit cockroach!"
He breathed a long time. Mother, in fact, a trendy mom, Mother's habits never forced her to dislike her, ask for her child, and he only spoke a little bit. Although his heart was filled with great anxiety for me.
He used to tell his friends that he loved me, but he did not talk much, probably afraid of having this one Fingly, she murmured because of her murmuring.
I am a full-fledged and caring son, I commit myself and embracing him, he must be rejected. Smiling.
"What are you doing in the field of Vuthy?"
I glanced at him and walked away,
"I'm coming soon! Mom, do not forget to plant your meals! "
I went to the motorbike and pulled it out.
I know he's standing there, observing me, but I ignore as usually does not feel anxiety. Mom, I did not want to grow up to be a weaker, so I tried to be a brave man. Let him see this phase, when my hands stretch nails, and then close to the gloves.
After less than two hundred meters, I stopped and hit Emma.
I did not have a hunch, so he said before,
"Daddy! You do not go to school and have to come to your master's house! "
Why he called me as a dick as plain as the owner of land in That's why I know that I want to go to school?
Did the mom tell him?
"Yes! But my house has WiFi? "
" Yes! "
I am happy to say Okay and start off.
I come to his small apartment, where all foreigners stay. No need for security, because the Malay teacher came to me waiting for me to remember.
He stretched out my hand quickly and told me in the elevator:
"Nail is long, leash gloves!"
I bowed and looked at it horribly . If not, if he is not pulled up suddenly, only let the security saw my nails and open mouth slut Sorry.
I was struggling with the stairs and he pushed me into his little room.
Everything is so dark here .... He did not open the curtain to take the daylight.
When I reached him, he turned on the flaming egg. I'm about to ask him who looks strange and has a lot of secrets in the gesture made to me and even knows my story grows. Nails are long but can not be surprised.
I was on the lookout for a computer shelter, pointing at my face, frightening me.
Do not tell me I have a helmet?
"What is that teacher? What are you pointing to ?! "
He pushed me toward the mirror ... .. Putsou! I was still mine, but my face began to emerge, and it was a tiger cell.
I'm no longer going to meet you! Why so fast?
I slowly turned to him ... .. The man might have known my reason if he followed his face ...... So that was me
Ask how to ask each one: "What did you know?"
Normally, I speak harsh and hard English, but now I can use it fluently.
When the teacher quieted, I immediately asked him,
"You know the witch, do not you?"
Teacher changed his face. He did not answer, but cautioned me:
"Bad, do not tell anyone about magic you've seen in the black month you saw! Even my mother! "
I'm happy that he knew all of this. I said,
"I did not say anything!"
"Yes, because if you tell anyone, he will be cursed. This continues! "
I was shocked and I opened my eyes.
There are only two words that I can say.
"It's a tiny anal, bound for thousands of years! You do not understand the magnitude of its danger to the world! "
The teacher has shook my head up again.
"How do you know all these things?"
He paused for a moment, as if he did not answer, but finally he had to tell me, because he Do not want me to do wrong:
"Because you're bad , you hurt me. I'm the author of this book, making you a witch in my place! "
I woke up and remembered Repeat everything.
That night when I broke away from him, I really got the link from an anonymous person, not even thought of himself as such.
I was so angry that he realized that this kid had a temperament and that he would defend himself to me.
"I will continue it to the whole school!"
I threatened him with pain.
Dost thou not do it! '
Keat DE? I shouted:
"You are waiting! I can! I can eat you first! "
He did not get me in the rage and sat down and opened his computer. I was so surprised that he quickly opened the book, and it appeared like a fiery leopard man. Exactly seeing my sight.
"If the teacher has become a witch now, nobody can find a way to get rid of the acid in this book!"
I understand him. Maybe he knows better than most people in search of secrets, so he picks me up. He was a victim and his experiment. I continue to listen very carefully.
Really sorry to stubborn to consult them and brought to this planet! '
' I do not know! I will not listen to you! Only if he drops the tattoo away from me! "
Looks at his face, it's not the time. Well for me to get upset, he seems to be thinking about something very complicated.
But if he really has a selfish intention, he's gotten away and needed, .
"The teacher was looking for not to lie down but did not find what to do !?"
"So I did not become master. Is it witty ?! "
He did not answer the anger, but he slowly explained to me,
" You will soon have the appetite. Blood of the human! "
I slipped and back.
My hands and feet catch my itch, and my face is growing.
I screamed, sniffed, and wanted to escape to a safe place - a safe place where I could not hurt you Anything. This is my determination.
Not only that, I started to talk to him:
"No witch! Is blood drunk? If so, the teacher's blood is inaugurated first! "
" Yes! "
He quickly answered," I'm scared.
"If it's a minute, if the teacher helps you, you can not drink your blood."
I cried because I was getting sores. I know the world is in danger.
I started to think of many things.
"Immediately tie me!"
I yelled at him, but he shrugged:
"Nothing in the world can You're not alone! "
" It sure is! "I argued.
"Good deeds continue to cover evil!"
"But the teacher did everything, and the teacher still could not find anything. for breaking this vicious!
'land of fire air!
I memorized without knowing it because the word Grandma White shirt.
Brother IMA saddled my eyebrow.
I nodded and added immediately,
"He let me memorize these four words! The nun here in the black planet! "
Her eyes stared down at my forearm, causing me to give myself a sigh of relief. Something has come out on my right hand, that is ... the dark moon ... ..
I just wiped it away. Rapid, but it does not disappear.
"How are you doing now? Find the way to Imam! "I cried.
Maybe I've become a 100 percent witch.
My stomach was hungry, my eyes were paralyzed.
"The end of this story a thousand years ago writes that no omnipotence in this world can remove the This curse is absolute! "
He complained by reading the last page of the book in front of me. I know he is patient and calm to seek solutions even if the danger lies in front of him.
... but I can not stand it.
I gathered my last thought and shouted,
"Run to Imam!"
My voice became a voice of the animals, and each one I breathed. To a roaring roar.
"Are you a good or bad animal?"
He asked me and stood up in front of my hunger.
I wanted to scream for him to help, but my laughter derailed the meaning of his own thinking:
"I need to The world! "


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