That Feeling When Someone Leaves

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That Feeling When Someone Leaves

Someone within your place just lost his job. The company had sent people off because they cannot afford to pay them anymore. He has to leave his apartment, his job, and his friends and return to his hometown while looking for a new opportunity to make a living.

He then left.

Your friend just left you a message about an opening for her career outside the country. You know it's her dream job--something that really makes her heart extremely happy and awed. But that meant she has to give up being in your presence along with a few close friends that are a part of your circle.

With a happy wave, she then left.

Your kid--the cutest cupcake in the neighborhood--is now going to college! Can you even believe that? It's just like yesterday when you were just choosing those cute little socks with a design of a smiling turtle alongside Nemo, the fish who got lost in the movie Finding Nemo, for this baby in your womb, and in a blink of an eye she has already been accepted to that prestigious dream school everyone has been setting their hearts and minds on. How did that even happen? Still, school will officially start tomorrow and she needs to go to her dorm to prepare for the first day. That afternoon,

she then left.

Bills had been piling up. Your dad has been laid off from his work. Your mom is a housewife and knows all the spots that needs repair. Your older brother has been looking for a job for six months, but still he has been receiving no notice nor call from any company. Another brother of yours is planning to go to college, but still your parents are not sure if they can support him financially. And now you're sitting on the dinner table figuring out this calculus problem while wondering if your family has anything to eat for tomorrow.

Then, it's been decided. Your dad will be leaving for Japan to work in a factory. That was the best job he could find, though he is still hoping that thing could change and eventually get better. He packed his bags, filled in his stuff, kissed you all goodbye and then,

he left.

You know in your heart that he understands you very well and takes your side very often even when your mom scolds you already. Gramps knows the best way to cook sunny side-up eggs without breaking the yolk. He gives you the biggest bear hug every afternoon that you arrive home from school even though you see him everyday. He tells you how to be the best in answering quizzes that required no erasures and how to avoid them. He teaches you how to be patient in teaching a dog tricks.

But all of a sudden, he's gone. You arrived one afternoon and he's not there anymore. A heart attack visited him and resulted to a cardiac arrest. Without even a word, without even a goodbye, or without even a sign to say that he's leaving,

he, too, left.


This kind of moment will be a hard one. Always. The moment you find out that someone very to close your heart will be leaving your side can give you chest pains that you can't describe fully. You might be able to give a loud "WHAAAAT?!" or a "WHYYYY?" to them, but still an aura of sadness will capture your soul. Now what?

Accept it. It's not going to be easy, I know. But things in life happen and eventually might leave you too.

Accept the situation. I'm not saying that acceptance is going to be a quick process, but accepting the situation can be done even in a slow way.

It might be a good for them or a good thing for you. Look at the situation with an open heart. It might hurt, but maybe it is a new chapter of your life or their life to start.

Thank you for dropping by.

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