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We never meet unexpectedly
Even if the sun shone bright
Or when the strong wind blows
Nor when the skies turn gray to night


We never see each other unplanned
Even if cherry blossoms blow down my pathway
As if the universe have been showing signs
That meeting you would only mean reading between the lines.

But for one moment of today,
I saw you from far away,
Walking in your own pace opposite my way
Meaning you won't be meeting me in any way.

I ran ahead, hoping you'd notice
I then walked slowly, wishing you'd stop,
I brisked walked to you, wondering if you'd say "Hi",
But all I got was a calmed "Why?"


So I turned to my way and you to yours,
Later I wandered to follow your course,
But later on you're out of sight
Drowned by the sea of people despite of my height.

I turned back and realized what I was doing
But I met the person, that I had some matters to deal with
Then after our byes, I breathed with a sigh
That following you led to a good thing.


Maybe that's why we rarely meet unintentionally
Because unplanned moments can bring something priceless.
I hope it's something good to you as it was for me
That something good happen for things you meet unexpectedly .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This post was inspired by a friend that I rarely (or almost never get to) meet for unplanned situations. We sure do meet when we agree to meet for a certain day and time, but we rarely (almost never) get to meet in an unexpected or unplanned situation. And for once, this moment happened yesterday; with that I would like to share to you what happened when we met yesterday unexpectedly.

Credits to Joy Lorenzo for the third photo.
All other photos are original and owned by the writer.

Thank you for reading this post! :)

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