Story Cubes Contest Round 8 - The Magician's Panacea

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Hi everyone! This is my entry for the story cubes contest round 8 created by @jacobtothe. It's a wonderful initiative and I encourage you to go and check it out :) I used all of the dices. I hope you like the story and leave me your thoughts on it in the comments!


The night started like any other one with the moon shining brightly high on the sky; except this was no ordinary night. For centuries magicians had kept themselves hidden from humans. There were rules to be followed and the consequences for breaking them were severe; still there was a young woman who had grown tired of feeling like a puppet, her strings strung by the elders. Practice this, read that, don't do it here; if that wasn't enough she was also the school's joke. Child of the woman that broke the rules and as such had her memory erased and powers revoked. Her dad was so heartbroken that he joined her later. That left the girl orphaned and in the hands of her aunt. Thankfully Rose, her aunt, treated her as if she was her own daughter.

Mona, short for Monica, was tired. Everyone always looked down on her, if not because of who her parents were it was because her powers were small and unpredictable. Even the tiniest of spells ended up in flames, literally. One day they were supposed to turn a frog into a butterfly. Their professor was standing in front of her table when somehow the frog caught fire and exploded, the frog's insides raining on the both of them. The whole classed laughed for days on end, at least until another incident made them forget about it.

Currently Mona was perched on a rock, a goblet in her hand with its content swishing from side to side. Her resolve crumbled for a moment, what she was about to do would change history; to most it would be for worse but to her it was for the best. Heaving a sigh she looked up, the hood of her cloak falling and revealing her glossy brown locks. If only there was a hand to hold on to, but she had no friends and her aunt didn't understand her. Since she was a child she felt drawn to the human world, maybe it was because her parents were there, it was a magnet she couldn't stay away from; but she felt that there was more to her existence than failed spells and a tragic background. The brunette thought that she could make the world a better place and that turning a blind eye to the human's problems was a mistake.

In order to acquire the potion in her hand she had to make a deal with the devil, or who might as well be. Just thinking about the consequences of not going through with this made her shudder but still she hesitated. Maybe handing steaming bowls of food to her classmates for eternity wouldn't be so bad. Oh, who was she kidding? It would be torture. With this thought in mind she knocked back the liquid and broke the most sacred rule of all. Come tomorrow morning, the world as they knew it would change and there wouldn't be any more hiding.


This is supercool! @alemars16 Thanks! Followed...

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it (:

damn you have great writing skills

I'm happy that you think so! Thank you so much :)

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