Civil Asset Forfeiture Still Ongoing, Still Theft

The "law" continues to mushroom over the decades, with control freaks feverishly and routinely scribbling onto paper in an effort to carve out their version of utopia for us all.

Along the way we have built up an ocean of edicts that encompass every imaginable human activity that bureaucrats and their 3 letter organizations can think to regulate.

If it isn't yet regulated, just wait, they'll get to it.

Like a disease the state cannot help but seek out human freedom and look to squash it where it lives, tether it in restraints with the justification that it's all being done for the safety and liberty of everyone at the end of the day.

And we still believe it.

One of the worst atrocities to take place that is still ongoing today is civil asset forfeiture which could arguably be outright referred to as highway robbery.

This practice is seemingly no more than routine and senseless theft that police departments around the country engage in to an alarming extent.

Millions of dollars in resources, homes, cars, cash, is taken from hard-working people who try their best to abide by these edicts on the day to day as best they can. Yet despite doing that, thinking the system is there to protect them and uphold their rights, it does the complete opposite and it violates their natural liberty, endorsing theft on a grand scale.

Just because they are taking the property of individuals does not mean that they have the legal authority to do so.

Most people cannot afford to fight to get their property back and prove their innocence, but some have with the help of lawyers working pro bono on their behalf, and in a variety of circumstances we have seen the courts overturn these decisions and give people back their belongings. If the authorities cannot prove that someone violated any crime then how is it justified that their property be taken from them? Yet for many it is.

The practice of civil asset forfeiture should outrage and equally disgust anyone who claims to value individual liberty for themselves or others. No, the police do not need civil asset forfeiture as a tool to fight crime. In fact, if anything this policy breeds crime and wrongdoing.

Regardless of various authority figures insisting that these actions are Constitutional, they obviously reek of anything but adherence to those basic rights.


Because of the lack of transparency surrounding civil asset forfeiture, many people are completely unaware that they can fight back, and they are unaware of resources that are out there and available to them.

For some individuals though, they have been able to regain their property by fighting back to defend their freedom and to correct the injustice. Thankfully, there have been a variety of CJS actors that have helped to make that possible. But it is a long process and a costly one that many are just not ready to endure. Routinely we see that the funds are being mismanaged around the country, with a great deal of resources going to questionable activities and products for departments.

A More Than Questionable Business Model

Imagine if the police department could provide such a valuable service that people willingly wanted to pay for it, so that they didn't need to confiscate millions of dollars from innocent people to keep funding a failed business model.

They wouldn't need to continue harvesting millions from innocent people that have never been convicted of any wrongdoing in-relation to that theft.

The system as it is today is one that works against the individual and not for them, not as a protector of the individual but in many ways it is no more than a brutal boot on the throat of human potential. This is what organization via coercion gives us, failed results on a continual basis, fueled at the cost of eroding liberty. Unfortunately, the Constitution is supposed to be the preventative measure that has been put into place which ensures this sort of broad theft against innocent people will not take place. But here we are, still fighting the injustice.

pic1 Kovaluk via KCUR

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