The Steemit Streetart Challenge needs YOU!

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Curators Needed!

• For a brand new community drivven challenge
• You have intill tomorrow to vote
• The winner is the one with the most upvotes

Current Leaderboard:

@snooway 7 upvotes
@antonchanning 5 upvotes
@dana-varahi 3 upvotes
@stargarden 2 upvotes
@gaissa 1 upvote

The voting takes place in the comment section of this post:

Excuse all the clutter, it is only the comment boxes that contain the image that counts as a vote. Upvote the main post too, to increase the prize. All SBD generated goes to the winner.

One tip to see the images better is to right-click them and open in a new window.

I challenge all to cast your vote!

Because this is in our neighbourhoods. It is there, it is a source of inspiration and anger for each and every one. Let's find out where the best destinations are! To my surprise, there are entries from New Zealand, Poland, Netherlands, UK and USA. Use your power to possibly get closer to a consensus on what is good art?

I challenge my friends!

And especially the whales. You have been dormant, it's time to wake up!

A big shoutout to the ones who helped spread the word!

@gaissa @dragosroua @girlbeforemirror @aksinya @dana-varahi @antonchanning
@snooway @paolobeneforti @makersunited

And especially @aksinya and @everlove for kind words. Lets map the best streetart there is!

Let's do it again!

I have had so much fun doing this. I completely forgot about other things. So I'm going to prepare a new challenge when the first one is over. It is real easy to participate, all you need is a camera and a hidden gem in your neighbourhood.


This is community drivven. There are no sponsors or nothing of the sort. Only votepower from Steemit users. Without users and keen eyes, this will not be possible. So I encourage you to spread the word and participate. Either with your own photo or as curator. And in order to make it work, sharing is key.

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Im also street artist ,but looks like im little bit late here . Btw amazing thing you are doing ,big regrets ❤❤❤ upvote

No worries. New chance to show off your latest creation when first round is finished tomorrow. Grab a camera and join! 🎥

Very cool idea @funkit ! Wish I would have seen this earlier. I have some street art from San Francisco I posted awhile back that would have loved to be in the competition :-)

Cool! You're in luck. As soon as I have ended the first round, I will launch a new one. I'll try to remember to tag you.

Sweet! Looking forward to it :-)

Thank you!

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