"Street Lamp Sunday" a day late


These were taken last winter in the 'snowmageddon of 2017'. This is

Out in front of the complex where I live. I have some great shots
Of the effects of that golden light, but this is the only one that
Has the lights themselves in it.
Both photos were taken by me, using a
Canon PowerShot SX 30 IS

!steemitworldmap 33.768814 lat -84.437030 long d3scr
in front of my apartment
Thanks to @melinda010100

"Street Lamp Sunday"
my golden light
Jerry E Smith

These .gifs were created for me by @coquiunlimited; many thanks


I kindof’ don’t miss that kind of snow, unless it’s in my childhood park Central Park in NYC.

It's pretty to look at, nice to photograph, but only if you have
A nice warm place to return to and no job to drive to.
Otherwise it is a pain in the ass. Nice to "See" you
Nikki @coquiunlimited. How's yer mom?

Those are quite beautiful photos, Jerry! I love how golden they are.

Thank you, that is the color of the lamp itself.

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