Speed, excitement and heavy-duty rubber on Street Legal in Fredrikstad, Norway 4 august 2018

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 Heavy rubber, flashing lights and potent engines, enthusiastic participants and the audience became a very nice day. Here everyone is welcome to attend or watch, the more enthusiasm the more fun for everyone. Street Legal is part of Street Legal East Cup and is open to ALL with a certificate, street-approved car and technically approved by our inspectors. This does not make any difference to anyone, if you drive best and win, it does not matter if you are female, male, Beemer, Japse or US. If you drive too fast, you also smoke "oke like". In other words, open and fair. ARRANGER: AMCAR FREDRIKSTAD, NORWAY 

 Participants must have a valid driver's license for car, at. B and licenses in accordance with the applicable regulations. Those who do not have a license can resolve a one-time license for the meeting. It is required for a driver with approved helmet according to NSR §304, PKt 1 and solid clothes. Before starting, all participants must have completed a technical check. Responsible for technical inspection shall be authorized by NBF. ET comes from English "Elapsed Time", in Norwegian. elapsed time. 

There are 3 classes for regular cars plus junior dragster. 

 ⦁ Bracket 7.70, sec .: A class that everyone can drive, a class for everyone beginners and for anyone who does not know how fast the car is going. Simply put driving man first to himself. The trick here is to drive as fast as the car goes and so smoothly as possible in the qualification so that you can more easily choose the time you want to drive against the elimination. In the elimination you should choose a time that you do not have to run faster than anyway before your opponent in goal. But nobody like that The running bracket can be faster than 7.70 sec. 

 ⦁ Street 8.70 sec .: It may be a little confusing with all these 8.70 sec., But In Street, it's about running so close down, preferably just 8.70 seconds. Here you are looking for a perfect qualification time of 8.70 sec. During elimination it is still 8.70 sec. which applies but also before your opponent. To be Quickly out there at first is the trick. Driving faster during elimination is one out. During qualifying, it's just not true as a qualifier. 

 ⦁ Bad Boys 7.70 sec .: This is the class for the fastest cars. driving The Street responds only to it's nearly as close as 7.70 seconds. as applies. And since all Street Legal paths have a path approval down to 7.60 sec. no one can run faster than this time without being banned. The is certainly breaking out at 7.60 sec. 

 ⦁ jr. Dragster 12.90 / 8.90 index / disability start: From the year you reach 8 years it competes in the J / S class with 12.90 as the lowest index. That year junior - The runner is 12 years old, J / M can compete with 8.90 as lower Class Index in Street Legal. 


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Great event, looks very popular too, a lot of visitors and sport cars. This year it looks like you have had nice summer day and people really enjoying being outside.

It is nice to see that this kind of street car race can be safe and legal, the cars checked and the medical team if something happen. I know in Germany we have often illegal car racing and you read on and off about the people as pedestrian other other car drivers had been accidentally killed. It is horrific to think about that.

Nice gallery of pictures it is nice to learn more about your city and it's events :)

Thanks @stef1

In Norway, Street Legal is often organized and has resulted in less illegal driving