The Young, Old and In Between - People of Sheffield Part 2

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Welcome to the second part of my People of Sheffield series!

You can find part one here...

I love to take candid photographs of people.

There's something about being perfectly aware and in the now, really seeing someone in the moment in the context of their environment, which feels uplifting and enlivening.

And possibly embiggening.

In this series I am sharing photos I've taken of the huge variety of people who live in Sheffield, I guess in a kind of celebration of everybody and their differences.

I seem to have picked all black and white photos for today, which is perfect as it's also #MonochromeMonday. :)

So, part 2 here we go:

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Photo 22-09-2017, 8 47 01 am.jpg

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All photos by @johleen on iphone6

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Awesome candid shots

Am somewhat intrigued by the first shot of the Guy was he running he leg seems so far up at the back it wouldn’t be normal walking

Thank you!

Ah, you know, I had to look for a long time to see what you mean. The leg that is far up at the back is actually a bag!! He was walking quite slowly you see, his back leg is kinda immediately behind the front leg. :)

I like seeing it as if his bag is his leg though - it does look very strange like that!

OHh I see looking agai Isee it now, but I kind of like it as I firs saw it some mystery ot he guy :)

That's how I saw it too ~ The bag as a leg ~ Like a really cool guy skating on the white line. 🦋

Yes indeed thats a good comparison

Ugh! You had me with the old lady facing away and the lady in the backpack on the side of the road. Really though, I think I'm a sucker for objects located in the rightmost third of the photograph, with the subject facing towards the right! I'm really getting suspicious of myself, as these patterns emerge. The other pics are nice as well, but I'm playing favorites for this one haha!

I do know what you mean about having the subject looking out of the image from that third line. It's almost like it makes you aware of something outside of the image.... like your mind wants to follow in that direction!

Exactly! Gives a sense that there's so much more we could uncover from it!

That first man bizarrely looks as if he is poinging along on one giant leg/foot. And check the ones outside the gallery!! Pyoor neds.

Haha you're right he does! And yeah, those are a right bunch of likely lads outside the Gallery! I get the feeling they wouldn't have been pleased to catch me snapping away at them!

They sure wouldn't have been chuffed! We have loads of them in Glasgow. Wee gits

Yup, plenty of them swaggering around here too heh heh. I had to turn my sneaky snappery up to full volume.

It's airways tempting to snap the little buggers!

In the third picture, one of those chavs looks like he's shat himself. Nice pictures!