Colourful Curaçao

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Entry for the streetphotography contest held by @juliank... Be sure to visit his blog to get to know all the contests...

Paint nature

As colourful the island of Curaçao already is by nature, the inhabitants still think it needs some more colour. Therefor most of the houses are green, blue, yellow or pink and why not paint the walls with trees and birds...
It would be strange to have this in Belgium, but over there, it makes life even more fun. The atmosphere that is created by this, is one of peace, joy and love for nature.


Curaçao, a truly amazing place.




Amazing piece of art. Waooh. I never thought that an entire building could be painted like this. I would love to have this in my country, but i doubt I could get skilled artists to do this kind of job as it is not popular in my area. Thanks for sharing @pele23

Cool! Love muralized buildings like this. It's so free thought/style and provocative. Going to go check out his blog now. Thanks for the tip, my friend! GO BELGIUM!