The perfect athlete? - Street Workout

The Street Workout is an urban sport fused as one of the ancestral methods of exercise: Calisthenics (training with one's own body weight).

A sport for all that, thanks to its versatility, is creating an unprecedented trend with a marked social character worldwide.

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This sport grows strong and firm, thanks to the work of the World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation - WSWCF, encouraging the creation of sports clubs and spreading values ​​of integration and social work in all corners around the world.

Currently, the Street Workout, has national and international championships, where you compete in different ways to test the capabilities of athletes:

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Resistance: the search for the most repetitions while maintaining a perfect technique through several exercises.
Voltage: isometric positions with a high level of technical requirement, kept as long as possible.

Force: displacement of high loads added to the own weight, in several basic elementary exercises.

Free style: an execution of acrobatic, basic and tension exercises, freestyle in any of the available elements.

Workout style: in this modality, the main thing is to perform a series of exercises or movements to the rhythm of the music, in any of the available elements.

Thanks to this sport and the Calisthenics method, it is possible to enhance and increase all the physical and motor abilities of its practitioners, transfer all its advantages to any other sport discipline, or even adopt it as a new lifestyle. In addition, it is indicated for any age or physical condition applying the appropriate technique and knowledge.

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Freedom: can be done anywhere and without additional training material.

Utility: they are very functional training and that allow a gain of useful strength. Improving the effectiveness of movements.

Transfer: the exercises performed are transferred to the common movements, which is why it has so much impact on professional athletes.

Agility: it is one of the only trainings that allows you to train the set of physical aspects that improve agility. Strength, resistance, speed and flexibility.

Basic exercises of calisthenics

These are the basic exercises that you have to master to start training with your own body weight. The exercises can be classified based on different criteria, for example, if they can derive other more complicated exercises or according to the type of movement that is done with them:

-Squats or squats: the exercise consists of bending the knees and lowering the body maintaining verticality, to then return to an upright position. It is carried out to develop the muscles and strengthen the tendons and ligaments of the legs. It also allows toning the buttocks and provides benefits to the hip.

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-Flexions or push-up's: the person should lie face down, with the palms of the hand on the floor, at the height of the shoulders. The person must raise his body with the strength of his arms and go back down to the ground. The arms, therefore, flex and extend alternately.

Join now the current where the only important material to work, is yourself.

Don't worry lift happy.


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