Why I prefer to use the Steemit front-end right now

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There's been some people asking me lately why didn't respond to their question or why I didn't notice their post. At first I was wondering what they were talking about, I usually check most of my replies many times per day. Then they went on to ask which front-end I use for my daily activity on the blockchain and I told them that I use busy now and then for posting but mostly just Steemit.

"That explains it then, you haven't noticed my mentions" they said. I went on to explain to them why I don't use busy or gina bot at a time like this (although people have told me that you can customize gina a lot more nowadays - which I should give another try) but I thought I'll try and talk about my reasoning here as well.

I remember when I first started my Steem journey, connection was a very important aspect of getting any visibility or rewards on Steem. If you weren't using the early slack channel or steemit.chat then you had a really hard time connecting with other authors and curators and if no one even bothered responding to you than it felt like you were hitting a wall and not going anywhere. Of course nowadays we have a lot more of awesome projects and curation initiatives but there are still newcomers who might need that first push or have questions they want answered by someone with more experience. That's why I try my best to be around and reply and give everyone a chance, how those interactions go is for another post that I want to address, but for now let's go back to why I don't like notifications so much.

Although right now during the bear market and more silent times on the blockchain it has quite down quite a lot, but if you were to log onto my busy.org account and check the notification bar and especially mentions you'd wonder what I had done to piss so many people off. In reality it was users who right after the notifications from Steem were pulled off were still spam tagging a lot of users, they had literally created bot accounts just to tag people in comments to certain posts, etc all just hoping for that extra visibility or a chance for upvotes. It made it impossible to browse the platform normally and have regular back and forth discussions with people when the notifications were going wild.

I kept feeling more and more stressed about it and same thing happened on steem.chat and discord too. Thankfully I realized early how to remove the sounds cause that trigger was stressing me out so hard, no matter what you were doing a random sound would go off from somewhere of a tag or DM. Even after I turned the sound off it was pop-ups instead. It took turning off pop-ups and people not being able to DM me unless they were in the same discord servers as me for me to finally have some peace and quite again.

I read about this later that it's a huge stress trigger when receiving notifications and random times. Their test they had done was about having your phone further away from you so you can't reach it and constantly getting texts while you were trying to concentrate on something else made you so stressful. Now those texts were from your phone on test subjects that were getting texts from people they knew and probably wanted to receive them, now imagine how after some time it started to feel when people were constantly asking the same questions. Daily new people asking how this works, how that works, why this happened, why this person did this, why his posts aren't earning any rewards, etc, etc. It got to a point where I just decided to leave all channels on steem.chat and just not log in at all for a long time. The thing I liked doing when I had some more influence after knowing how difficult it was for newcomers became something I started to really hate. My stress was causing me to constantly be tired, have really weird sleeping patterns where I'd push my sleep a couple hours forward daily and rotate back to where I started after 2-3 weeks. Worst of it all were the chest pains I started to get. It felt like I really needed to take a break from it all and reconsider everything I was doing.

I managed to ease back into it a couple weeks later, constantly being "appear offline" on both steem.chat and discord and taking more time to myself and my own activity I wanted to do on Steem which I really enjoyed such as engaging with other people on the chain and posting with my account.

That's why I prefer Steemit with their non-working notifications, it's a lot more chill. As I said though I've been involved more and more during the bear market with the chats and glad to be helpful, but I learned that I have to balance my real life a lot more. Take breaks more often and just sit back and watch a movie or tv show more often and especially before going to sleep, it has helped.

Anyway, enough about my problems. Has anyone felt similar stress towards this subject? Our smartphones and PC's are such a huge thing of our daily lives now it feels as if we forget to do the things we used to before they came along.


I definitely get stressed out by notifications on my phone all the time. I don't really mind the notifications through my browser most times though. But Discord is fucking annoying as fuck! It simply won't shutup a lot of times. I have to completely mute it, because I simply can't deal with it sounding off all the fucking time.

But I like using SteemWorld for all my Steem notifications. I just watch it for upvotes and mentions and such. When I get a mention, it just pops up a browser notification, which quickly disappears.

As to what you were saying about people mentioning and messaging you...I kinda think that's rude as hell. If I have a question about something, I'll ask in a chat room if possible and try to avoid annoying someone in a message.

I also wouldn't dare ask about why someone didn't upvote something... I might press them if they thought something was wrong with it, I guess, but that's only my trying to improve myself.

I know exactly where you're coming from re the always on syndrome.

Getting rid of notifications constantly pinging every few minutes or more is just a crucial part of staying in control.

I allow myself 3 or 4 periods a day where I check and respond or 'go live' - then try and spend 10 hours a day offline.

My last two posts were about precisely this.

My fave technique has been to switch my phone to monochrome - now it's much less anxiety inducing!

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I silenced Discord and most other apps and, at night, I put my phone in airplane mode before I go to sleep, and only turn the signal back on a couple hours after I wake up, when I have had breakfast, taken a shower and relaxed a bit. I put it in silent when I turn the notifications on and put it away and wait for the bulk for nightly stress come in. I check it relaxedly and delete most of it and prioritise what I attend to.

I also send a few messages, and then I silence most things again, listen to music and let the important stuff come in. I like to filter out almost everything except what I like and need.

I wouldn't go as far as putting it in airplane mode. I just turn down the notifications if it bothers me.

Too bad the developers aren't smart enough to put in something like "Night Mode" or something, so you would only get emergency notifications, or calls, or whatever you set.

I actually had that in a Moto G4 Plus that I had before, but someone mugged me and stole my phone. :( Now my "newer" phone (actually got a used one that is older than the one I had before) doesn't have it.

I hadn't even considered airplane mode. That's a good call right there!

Sounds like yer on top of it. Similar to what I try and do!

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<3 The problem with airplane mode is that when the phone falls under the bed or under the pillow or you leave it somewhere outside of your room, it's practically impossible to find because you can't call it or ping it from the internet. It's risky and requires a lot of attention to where you leave it. Also, people can't contact you in emergency cases, so make sure you don't have dependents who might need you when you turn on airplane mode. If I had family members who haven't returned home yet, I wouldn't feel safe cutting off the signal.

Cheers. It does sound a bit hardcore. I might just use good old silent mode.

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I use steempeak for general browsing/posting and love it.
I'm set up so I have to go looking for stuff.
I fire up steemworld.org to see who's mentioned me.
I check notifications to see who's replied.
If I'm not seeking out the info, I don't know about it.

What do you think makes Steempeak better than the other platforms?

Saved templates and drafts
Saved users and topics
Filters in Activities and Wallet tabs
No HTML coding required
Dashboard stats
Coming soon.... keychain browser extension support, so no more steemconnect popups.

Templates is good. Is that trail like Steemauto but without Steemauto?

They're working on the voting part; just displaying what you've upvoted for now.
Cool slider under the cog.
If I only want to see posts you've upvoted at more than 75% I can filter the others out.

Oh, nice. Hmmm, is it closed source? I wanted to see if I could speed things up.


Not sure. They're really responsive in discord.

@jarvie and @r00sj3 are front of house, @asgarth is dev.

Sounds nice. :D

I'm lucky enough to close my phone as long as I want, even it's stressful. Whenever I open it I saw same messages over and over again, where are you, call me back. 99% of those has no importance in my life. I just need to connect to internet time to time while I was out, that's why I get out of plane mod. But still getting those messages, mails, I kinda feel guilty for not turning back to some of them but freaking technology is a big snitch. "Oh he opened his phone, oh he opened that app, oh he's still not replying to you!."

I'm not a popular guy so I have no trouble on discord I don't even know if it has a sound notification, all the servers already muted but one. That's where I'm always on, and nothing is popping from nowhere.

And I feel you about sleep cycles, it sucks. Being tired all the time, having occasional pains out of nowhere, It's all there even without notifications.

Ah, I don't even get messages on my phone :D Only on Whatsapp and only by one person (I haven't had my phone for long and very few people have my number, and most of them live with me, soo...)

I try to respond to every message. If it's spammers, I block them. If it's friends or people in need of help, I answer or try to help them. Fortunately for me in this case, I am not very popular, so I get very few of these too. But I do feel an urge to respond ASAP to my friends because I have been in need before and know that it's annoying if a good friend is not picking up the phone just out of laziness or annoyment.

I'm using only the steemit front end too... I'm not even using ginabot though I have been told to install it countless times, I kind of have a group of people I do check manually no matter what and I keep my feed consistent to my tastes and to people that actuallly tend to resteem things I like and help me discover... if I can't handle it I'll seek other tools.

Hmmm, Ginabot is not a program. It's a bot on Discord. All you have to do is ask her to register you on the Minnow-Power server, and then confirm with a 0.001 Steem transaction to her account with the memo she gives you. She's very useful when you're trying to stay up to date in real time with the interactions to your content.

If you have not tried yet, you can use steempeak.com with UX better than Steemit imho and you can enable/disable notifications and choose which type of notifications you want to receive.

Oooooh, I didn't know this! I really have to check it out. Let's goooo.

It's buggyyyyyyyyy!


What is the issue?

It was upvoted to the top, so I think the vote should counter the greyness as it does in Busy and Steemit.

Another issue is that in textfields, Ctrl + Delete should delete the whole previous word like it does on any other text editor, but on Steempeak it doesn't work. I have to delete the words by pressing Delete multiple times, or leaving it pressed for a little while, or selecting the whole word to delete. :O

A different behaviour doesn't mean it is buggy. Also, they've heard the request about deleting a while word and they will work on it.

I also can't switch to Simple Editor when I'm in a child comment. I only feel comfortable using the simple editor, so if I could make it default, I would add many points to the review! :D

Ok, and I just found that you cannot set the "simple editor" for comments as default and have to switch to it every time in order to get the familiar texture to it. :( It's the little reasons that make me not want to use this as my main browser. The night theme is also too grey :O, I prefer the darker and slightly greenish tone of Busy and Steemit, it looks prettier.

This is actually so funny! I didn't expect this explanation at all. I was ready to be like, "Um, dude. Use steempeak" or whatever. But I can honestly say this is a legit excuse, espesh from someone as popular as you obviously are. Ha ha!

Well, good luck with the notifications.

Well, I just found out about Steempeak, so I don't think everyone knows about it yet. :D

No, it is fairly new. And not super prolific yet. But to me, it's the Ferrari of Steem UI's.

If it were a person, I would marry it.

I can definitely relate to this, though I’m sure you get 100 times more notifications daily than I do. I’m quite noise sensitive and all the random beeps drive me crazy so I keep my phone always on silent, and have turned off pop ups for almost everything. It’s enough for me to see the red dot on an app to check it when I feel like it. I used to have steemworld open all the time, but now I just check it a few times a day to see if there are mentions. I much prefer checking everything manually and answering when I have time to concentrate on it.

Thisss! Being on Steemit and on Discord has made me particularly sensitive to red dots. Before, it would take me many minutes to hours to realise that I had a notification in an app, and that there was a red dot or some other signal, but now, every time that I check the notifications, they're from seconds ago. It seems I have effectively trained myself to notice these differences right away and consider them important.

Hmmm, I hear you on checking things manually, and I do that with my phone, but I prefer to have notifications for Steem-related stuff because sometimes, people will only answer to a response if it comes immediately (otherwise they will respond, stay for 5 minutes and go somewhere else and come back in a few hours or days to read what you said).

I was like than before too, constantly checking everything and trying to answer everyone as soon as I could, but now I'm more relaxed. The messages will all be there later too, and rarely it's anything that time sensitive.

I like steemworld.org to check my mentioned. But I can see how it could be overwhelming with so many people. Good call on stepping away. Steem is awesome but not life. The best part about real life is the food and friends.

Aaah, but Steemworld is so slow! I prefer most other notification methods for mentions (namely Busy and Gina).

You take care of yourself buddy! Like you say you need that movie or TV show if you feel the need for it. Do it!
By the way may I recommend "The Haunting of Hill House" to you, if you haven't watched it yet. I was soaking in that series like a sponge. Something really good in the horror genre for TV for some time now.

I've never watched it. I'll Google it to see if it's interesting. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

I am at EP 4 right now. Let me know what you think of it.

A life without notifications is a much healthier life. Aside from he dopamine kicks, and addiction, screen strain is also a huge thing. Especially when it comes to sleeping and thus stress resilience.

Love that last paragraph. One of the fun things since PC, and even more since the mobile era, is the huge amount of GTD (getting things done) sites and apps. So many apps which aim to help simplify our livrs.

Yet, know what helps most in all that? Not the massive timesink that is keeping up with GTD, learning new flows and the likes. Or having 30 apps, all for a specific single thing.

Most useful of all is to restrict time on mobile device. With or without app to assist in that.

Punishing spammers should be more profitable.

For me, I post with busy.org and interact with steemit.com and it is because of the automatic upvotes I get from busy while there is nothing like that on steemit. As You know has a minnower like me, the more steem power I get the better for me.

How do you get a busy.org upvote? I saw your comment and I tried following directions here: https://steemit.com/busy/@hodlorbust/this-is-a-busy-org-test but didn't receive anything from the busy booster, checked @busy.org and it has barely any voting strength?

You have to post using busy.org website and not just using busy has a tag. And also you have to have above 500 steem power before the bot can upvote your post.

I've been getting their vote for a while, and I think I've been getting it before I had 500 SP. I have a few big followers, so I don't get the @busy.org vote but the @busy.pay vote. I think they have been lowering the amount of users they give the vote to for a while, because many friends who would have fit into the requirements don't get the vote, while I always have, maybe because of some whitelist.

Yeah my 2nd busy.org test didn't pay either :( (as you probably saw).

I'll have to work on getting 500+ SP but I don't envision it any time soon.

Do you suppose that includes delegated SP? If so, I'm very close to 500, haha.

Dunno. I had less than 500 SP when I started getting upvoted by @busy.org and then @busy.pay. I only got like 500 together with a delegation around 3 months ago but I had been getting @busy.pay for a while already.

Maybe things have changed from when I started and they just didn't pull me out of the list.

I would say so, yeah. They have had different requirements posted at different times (in the Discord channel usually) and they're either all conflicting or all leading me to think that the requirements have just been gradually heightened over time!

You have a far cry more account value than I do, @cryptosharon ! What's your magic trick? :)

I very superficially talked about it here. You're free to chat me up on Discord and I'll explain in more detail.

Earned a penny :)

I'm currently trying to figure out utopian-io, do you have any hints? I think for some reason I'm unable to login...

Hmmm, their interface has been down for a while. I don't know if they've gotten it to work again. Anyway, try their Discord server. They're always helpful if you have questions.

Darn that's a shame, I was thinking it'd be like gitcoin but with more users :(

You can't go wrong with more money income! :D

I literally could never turn off that discord sound with settings from discord. So now a days, I just mute my laptop instead, because that discord sound for every message hunts me.

And I too use steemit most of the time, because of the simplicity.

Ah, I do this:

I had something like that. People would make a big deal for not replying their messages immediately to the point I started to get shoulder pain from the notifications. The solution was to leave the phone at home most of the days.

Ahmmm, but you could just pretend you left it at home, put it in silent mode and take it with you. :D

yeah... it was just too stressing. was easeir to leave it for real for some weeks, until ppl caught on and stopped bugging so much about why i dont answer every email immediately.

i enjoy steemit because for me. it’s simple.

no noise. very easy to use. less buttons to press that i may mess up.

it may not have all the notifications and features that other apps do...but i like the simplicity of it. and it’s a lot easier to manage for me than other apps.

that may change but for now. it’s working well for me.

(i still respond to things via partiko tho lol i’m a sucker for points!!)

Posted using Partiko iOS

I used to respond to everything on Partiko, but it becomes slow and I'm clumsy with my fingers! I prefer to just do it on the browser. I'm more familiar with it (also I hadn't had a phone for 2 years so I lost the practice of typing on that keyboard and my fingers end up hurting after a few minutes of writing).

Probably some sort of parasocial interaction syndrome from the readers.

A lot of YouTubers have the same problem when people get obsessed with them, you can't possibly expect people to read thousands of comments and posts a day.

On the other side, I'm just happy to have a nice conversation with anyone on the comments from time to time :^)

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But how dare you not notice me from the thousands of others? Don't you see I'm special?

You can use SteemPlus to have your mentions on steemit, not as annoying notifications but rather on demand.

Poooooff what? I didn't know this had happened. Wow. I'll check it out as soon as I can. But I use Busy most of the time anyway. I still find with frustration that many SteemPlus utilities are not on Busy and find myself switching to Steemit many times a day just for these.

It s also on Busy like most of SteemPlus features

Ah, but that's not notifications but a way to check it manually. I thought I could see little numbers popping out and stuff like on Busy. Now that I think about it you did say "mentions on demand". Is SteemPlus open source?

I'm a tech guy and I shut the phone completely off for an hour or two before sleep, until at least 1 hour before I wake. It's good for the phone amd good for me. Wake up and wait an hour.

Aha, this is what I do. Otherwise, I am too active when I go to bed and can't sleep.

I agree with you, My friend @numanbutt who brought me to steemit said busy.org & other sites have better functionality than steemit itself, & I was wondering why steemit is silent? Why not showing notifications? & Now I got the answer.
Thank You for your post.

Well, the reality is that they don't have Notifications because they never bothered to implement them. The fact that it's more calmed down is just an unintended consequence.

I never even think about how it is for someone like you with so much influence and even more the level of engagement you have as a curator when it comes to notifications. It must be crazy.

How is your sleep? I do remember you did a post about it a few months ago. How about smoking, did you quit?

I often wondered how you guys deal with all these disruptions. Most of the Discord channels I am part of are muted and I only read when I can, in bulks. But I can only imagine how it must be in your shoes to be mentioned so many times. From what you describe, it wouldn't be pleasant at all, from this point of view.

I've never been famous enough to be able to identify with the issue of being mentioned all the time. :( :) :( :)

Neither have I! :)

Tough dilemma: be glad we are rarely mentioned or be worried we are not famous yet. :D

Exelente comentario, estoy completamente de acuerdo con usted! @acidyo

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it's a huge stress trigger when receiving notifications and random times

That's why I unintalled Partiko..turns out I don't need active notificaitons as long as I can go back to steemworld and check all of them passively - at my own pace and availability .

I never get notifications on Partiko :( Then again, Android (at least my version) lets you modify the notification settings for most apps. If I have an issue with an app's notifications, I disable the notifications for the app and that's it. No need for uninstalling.

They may have updated it since i used it..i reported it to them that i only need selective notification and not with every interaction..

Hmm, they don't give me any notification though, and I haven't found an option to enable them.

Oh baby, yes I've felt that stress. The sound on discord is ... Bonkers-inducing. Especially since so much of the mentions aren't things that really need MY attention. I feel like we're not using discord the way it was meant to be used. Like, I have a server with a buddy in Germany, and that seems like what it is designed for. If that's my only server, and I get a bong I know I have to look at it. But with a dozen Steemit communities of hundreds of active users? It's too much. I feel responsible for responding to comments that are on my posts, and that's it (and, of course, answering people in the discord channel I mod, but thaaaat's IT.)

So, stress? Yes. Gotta spend more time with nature.

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Nowadays whenever I hear a Discord notification sound I get a bit paranoid because I might have left some open Discord somewhere without realising it. All my main apps and sessions are muted.


Your not alone in this, we forget that there used be life before Smartphones and Laptops. But we are just so addicted to them either because of work or if we are bored that we forget the sensation of things without them.

I remember a time before, when we used to play Carrom and it used to be so fun, but now we're so busy with text from people on the phone that it's so easy to get lost in this world of smartphone and technology.

Trueeee! Nowadays it's really hard to find someone to play chess with in real life. I had a good time yesterday playing chess and everyone else was in awe that we were able to still enjoy this in the new era of technological pleasures.

Smartphones and the internet has definitely impacted my concentration and willingness to study for example. And the problem is sometimes hard to recognize.

This also happened for me. I think that the crypto dip helped me realise that I didn't have my priorities straight. Now first comes life, then come the social networks.

i use steemit. no flashing , beeping thingo's going on

I usually use Busy, but I don't have many people interacting with me all the time, so no flashing happens anyway. :P

Thanks @acidyo for sharing your experience s .Yes! Incessant Notifications Could be nauseating, especially at odd hours.
But Could You Please give a sentence on how my posts could attract more Visibility and Attention?? It will be highly Appreciated.

You are a few Google searches away from attention in your posts. I will list a few keywords and I want you to Google them. Read the articles in the results, watch some video tutorials and you'll be on your way to success.

  1. How to write interesting titles
  2. How to write interesting blog posts
  3. Learn proper capitalization
  4. How to engage in social networks
  5. What makes an interesting thumbnail

After you have read about all of these topics, you will have to exercise a few other abilities: It is better to write every day. Don't just write every 7 or 9 days. Write one post a day and you'll get more followers. Every time you make one blog post, go in a commenting spree (with interesting comments, do NOT promote your content or you will instead be shunned).

Aha, new user here, I was wondering why there are no notifications. I like it like this, no interruptions.

Sometimes it's better to have notifications if you are trying for people to interact with you more.

I understand that, maybe if I use the platform a bit longer I will come to the same conclusion, but I tend to disable notifications in other apps too as I don't like the interruption of whatever I was doing/reading at the moment

I actually leave my phone on silent the majority of the time for exactly this reason. I'm on it often enough, I will probably get the message shortly. And if I don't, then I was probably busy doing life-stuff. My students have the same issue- part of the reason they are on their phones all the time in class is because they have lights and vibration notifications. As soon as I make them put it in a backpack they usually don't pull it out again.

I don't receive as many tags or notifications as you do, I'm sure, so Ginabot is a useful tool for me. I also really like the ability to follow people specifically so that when they post I receive a notification- it gives me a lot of opportunities to manually read and upvote the people who are important to me

Hahaha, seems like we're like animals. Stimuli break our discipline, so we have to take the stimuli away instead of just blocking them out with our minds. Weak humans! :P

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i tend to like a lot having notifications especially here cause i feel there is an interaction with me and others. I haven't been in your position though that i bet you have 100 times the notification i had-have and if i were you i will probably feel the same.

When steem and sbd was on the rise i received multiple messages either in steemit.chat or discord from spammers and newbies in order to give them money and upvotes for free or help them! Each time i tried to talk some sense to them by saying the do and don'ts but after a period of time it became exhausting.

Now i use the interface of steemit, i do everything manually and for the mentions i use Steemworld. My life is easier and i have none bugging me :P

Aside from putting your smartphone out of reach to be distanced from alerts, I make sure my phone is on airplane mode when I'm asleep or resting. This completely blocks me from any contact, and more importantly, stops the cell phone waves that may potentially disrupt our brain wave patterns/be unhealthy for us.

While wireless is everywhere around us, it's one less major beacon to worry about. With it offline, there's no urge for me to check my phone unless I manually want to, and a solid sleep usually feels too valuable to disrupt for a peek at what's popped up in my phone, which I won't get to until the next day anyway.

I think what you did is perfectly fine. Initially everyone loves the attention but as you become popular it gets difficult and at times compelling to revert to the attention gained. You still want to connect with everyone but the 'me' time is very important. Its like sharpening your weapons. It just makes you more effective.
Never compromise with your 'me' time.

So many authors forget to have their me time and then get burnt out! I used to keep seeing "I'm so burnt out of this!" posts and the solution was to simply take some me time every once in a while. It seems like common sense but it's hard for us to realise that this is a problem. For me, it took me a long while as well to know that I had to relax sometimes. I speak about this as if I had known forever, but it took me to get burnt out to notice the problem.

It is natural for a Steemit celebrity like you to be bombarded with messages, questions and who knows what else. 🤭

hehehe I'm just kidding at 1am and very sleepy. Now, seriously, so many notifications are due to the great person you are, with several important projects that help small fish, which makes many want your attention.

But having done what you did was good because the first thing is health and with so many notifications and constant stress did not help much to your health.

Smart phones are a big addiction and those notifications make it worse!
I remember when i owned a smart phone recently,i used to have irregular sleep patterns(sometimes i would sleep at 4 am and wake up at 9 am!)

I had a lot of chats,notifications from busy, ginabot, whatsapp,telegram etc.It was tiresome and i was almost experiencing headache all the time!

I was visibly hurt when my phone was stolen from me.....I was bitter for like 2 days then I came over it and saw it as a relief from the stress i was experiencing!

I have now spent two months without a smart phone and i feel better and I plan on getting another soon since i have had enough rest from those annoying notifications!

I keep responding to Partiko notifications on my phone a lot. Yesterday, I even took my phone to the sauna for a bit while the air was still dry and the phone did not feel too hot, yet.

Posted using Partiko Android

I don't get notifications on Partiko. How do you set it up to do that?

Strange. I don't recall having to do anything to get them.

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I upvoted your post.

Keep steeming for a better tomorrow.
@Acknowledgement - God Bless

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