Sporting Injuries

Asher or @abh12345.sports asked us to write a post about an injury we received whilst doing some activity. I have had my fair share after I had played rugby for nearly 20 years and my body tells me every day where they are with my aches and pains. I have never managed to break a bone playing pool though and that is rather unique.

Thought I would share a funny looking injury as all you can do is laugh.

The injury I am going to write about today is more of a bruised ego than an injury as I got lucky with this one. I saw no point in writing about how my ankle got snapped or why I clubbed someone for kicking me in the head whilst playing rugby. Those are fairly boring and I have covered some of them in the past so this is fresh and more playing along with the stupidity and light heartedness of the competition.

I was involved with a company and we were away for a few days doing team building and these events get quite competitive. There was archery with shitty wooden bow and arrows and if you were the last team competing the equipment barely worked. There was a giant foofy slide that ran down the mountainside and we had one very big girl that nearly bought the whole thing down and had to be stopped as she was touching the ground in certain spots. There was quad bike racing and this is where I wiped out.

The quad biking was a 50 lap race and after every 5 laps you changed over with a team mate. I have ridden motor bikes before with varied results as there is no better place to learn than on the bike itself. In the army I managed to put a brand new state of the art scrambler into a parked Toyota Quantum 10 meters away from where I started. These were special bikes with smoke pods and gun placement tripods installed for the special forces.

Back to the quad biking as I am useless on motor bikes but wont admit it. The race was unfolding and we were about two laps behind with me to still go and I was prepared to catch them up as who needs to use their brakes. The first lap was fine as I was getting used to the bike and was getting my pace up catching the other team who was now only just over a lap ahead of me. As usual i got carried away with myself and was on a course for disaster.

There was one bend in particular that you needed to brake as there were large sized rocks everywhere and a little further a large drop off into a small gorge. When I say a little further it must have been a good 10 meters off the track, but like golf and water it plays on your mind. You keep saying to your self to stay on the track and don't go near there.

I was right behind the other team now and saw an opportunity to overtake so I took it and accelerated taking the outside line only to see the dreaded corner coming into view. The only reason I had managed to overtake them so easily ids the other person was being super cautious for the rocky corner about 10 meters ahead. I slammed on the brakes, but the wrong ones and somehow I had squeezed the front brakes and not the back brakes.

What an idiot as i was catapulted over the handle bars into the rocks, but somehow landed in between them. The next thing I saw was a quad bike coming down on me and managed to push it away with my legs so it missed me. I had got lucky and at that point hadn't cared about the race as I had dodged a bullet. Luckily the quad bike survived to fight another day as the number plate had "Brake me,Buy me" on it.

I had a bruise on my arm for what I had just experienced and swore to myself that I will never touch another motor bike again. Every experience I have had with them has ended in disaster getting to know how hard things are when you hit them at speed.


Your mistake was breaking at all. Death or Glory!


An opportunity to overtake at rocky corner?

Lucky to escape with just a bruise it seems!

Thanks for entering :)

Resteemed - will join with injury content soon

That is not a nose to smile under :)

I agree and it hasn't improved much as saw a recent photo the other day.

your near death experience is something i have had happen to me at many times during my skiing days. (where you landed between the rocks) I don't know how many times i did something stupid on skis and then looked behind me and realized that i could have died back there.

What an experience. Injuries are part of sports; however, care must be taken to ensure the highest level of satety in any game or sporting activity you may engage in. It's good that you are living to tell the story of your crash, some people are not so lucky.

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Oh wow, that had to be horrible! I can't imagine how painful that had to have been. I was riding a go-kart down a road one winter and it was snowing/icing. It was like needles on my face. That is the only painful story like that I have!

This is a horror story, you could have killed yourself. You're banned from this for life!!! :D
As for the nose in the photo... awful!


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