Injuries in Sports - my Knee story

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I try to keep it short.... usual. The new contest by Asher aka @abh12345.sports is hitting me of course directly into the middle of my heart. My injuries made me a non sporty active guy nearly. My story is not very interesting but maybe someone interested. So, Sports was always a huge part in my life started with gymnastics (boooh) at the age of 6 when my parents got me to a gymnastics club aka Turnverein, with 7 I started to play football (for Americans: Soccer) at my home club Wormatia Worms. We won several regional titles – at the age of 17 I suffered from my first cruciate rupture along with a meniscal avulsion. This was followed by two more of the same that really made me stop to do the sports I love! Team sports!

Even after the third rupture stupid was trying to play Beach Volley - result another rupture in the same knee (not the cruciate one though!). This then meant indeed to focus on boring fitness / gym stuff. Honestly mainly to pump iron and muscles to impress the girls. Did not work as planned – never achieved this six pack thing on my front.

That was my boring injury talk - let me know your main injuries and whether there are more hot things to add.

Nowadays I simply enjoy sports in the audience and with silly girls, no matter if in Europe or in California during a sport event called Baseball (see on top....).


3 times on the same knee! That's bad luck

My Dad did something similar in regards breaking his arm in the same place 3 times but only 2 were sports-related the 3rd was just on a drunken night out :-)

Damn, that's really harsh :(

Knees and arm sockets are bizarre creations and really not up to what force they can potentially have to take.

Sorry for bringing up some sad memories, but thanks for joining in the contest.