How well do you love yourself?

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Love yourself! Love yourself! is a very popular chant among ladies in recent times. We chant it in our instagram and snapchat videos, in our tweets, in our "real life talks" and even in our rants about how "men are scum".

Most times, the image we have of practicing self love is getting our hair and nails done, going to a spa, getting a pair of red bottoms ( I wouldn't mind one of these though) and all other luxuries money can buy. Ladies who have this perception, but are unable to afford this luxuries are left thinking that they don't love themselves enough and might fall into a depression or go to any length to afford these luxuries even at their own detriment.

Don't get me wrong, us giving ourselves treats isn't bad, but this isn't what self love is all about.
The true meaning of self love is CARING FOR YOURSELF. What do we do for someone we care for?

  • make their well-being our number one priority
  • provide for their needs in every way
  • do not compromise on their satisfaction
  • speak to them with love and respect
  • appreciate them
  • Protect them from any form of harm

With that said, Lets make ourselves that person:

Make your well-being your number one priority. This means eating right, exercising, having enough rest and going for regular health checkup's. Your spiritual health shouldn't be left out too.

Meet your needs first: There's beauty in sacrifice, but constantly placing the needs of others before yours is disempowering and leaves you feeling dissatisfied with life. Meeting your needs first involves ensuring YOUR well-being, engaging on YOUR interests and pursuing YOUR ambitions. Learn to be full before you give.

Speak to yourself with love and respect: Show yourself daily doses of well-deserved appreciation, tell your body "Thank you" for what it allows you to accomplish each day, encourage yourself and appreciate every of your features because that's what makes you you!

Protect yourself from:

Emotional distress by keeping toxic people out of your live. Keep out anybody that emotionally drains you by constantly getting you upset.

Financial distress by taking wise financial decisions such as avoiding frivolous spendings and learning to live within your means while, at the same time, searching for ways of increasing your income.
With that said, go ye into the world and love thyself!

Thank you for reading


"good project, when moon?"

Best comment on this chain ever!

Don't take it personal. This is me putting into practice what I learnt here today... Loving me. 😘

Lol..... That's awesome, you are an avid learner.

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getting a pair of red bottoms

Whats red bottoms?, by the way.

It's a Louboutin shoe with red soles, hence the name red bottoms. It's the rave now, and they are quite expensive.