#STWT 175 ... Israel, Al Aqsa Mosque, CBDC's $ALGO, Fauci Wuhan, Bill Gates, China & USA Military Robots, etc.

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#STWT 175 ... Israel, Al Aqsa Mosque, CBDC's $ALGO, Fauci Wuhan, Bill Gates, China & USA Military Robots, etc.


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Welcome to #STWT show number 175, which was another doozy of an adventure down into clown world. We started off the show by reminding all you digital gangsta's out there that Momma is the real OG, Happy Mother's day to all the Pirate mom's. Then we quickly dove into the darkness of our current reality. Israel is not allowed to be talked about as video cuts out lol, then we saw miracle as a person dead from the rona jumped back to life after and air raid siren went off. The CIA is not only making diversity hires, they are now hiring actual blind people. The CIA is officially blind. The Armenian President in a based manner owned a journalist, and made every Western Country look stupid for the mistreatmeant of Assange #FreeAssange, stop torturing a journalist for publishing stuff the elite is mad about. Biden's lost his mind in 192017 lol, Chaztaria begins, a mother's day shooting, and Sarah Silverman says dumb shit to get attention.

After that fun look at clown world we dove into the actual major topics of the night, Bill Gates and Fauci. We talked about the Bill Gates and his "womanizing" and then the reality which is he is a child rapist and business partners with Peter Nygard and closely connected to Jeffrey Epstein. The we showed how the actual "extremists" are the Rothschilds, with Lord Rothschild standing with Pedo Ring Witch Marina Abramovich in front of "Lucifer's Army" or whatever the stupid painting is. Then I showed how Lynn de Forester Rothschild connects the Epstein and PizzaGate rings directly. In fact the big connection between PizzaGate and Epstein is the Rothschild Family. This also connects to UN Amir Dossal, which then connects back to Bill Gates, which connects to Epstein and Larry Sanger which then connects us back to the creation of Corona. It's all there in the show notes, see below linked post on the HIVE.

Next we went over Israel and the attack on the Al Aqsa Mosque and the ensuing conflict that is being generated. Looks as though Israelis set the Mosque on fire and then where dancing and celebrating the event to me. Generally we see the Zionists being the aggressors in this region and Palestinians for the most part are trying to defend themselves or attacking military targets. We examined this via multiple videos. We also saw Palestinians firing rockets through and some not through the Iron Dome, so sometimes the Iron Dome works and other times not so much. I just wish peace could happen and everyone could stop the bullshit.

Then we did a deep dive into the Gas PipelIne hack and how it ties into the great reset. We did a deep dive on the great reset, crypto currencies, how CBDC's are coming and how $ALGO might be the CBDC blockchain of choice for a variety of reasons, and even have a trial project going in the Marshall Islands. If you want to know what's actually coming in Crypto, you need to watch this segment and also I discussed Privacy coins like $ARRR Pirate Chain, and HIVE and the HIVE Blockchain and the apps on it like Actifit.

Lastly we discussed the Corona Virus Plague, and how Fauci created this plague if you will in a lab. Fauci gave the Wuhan Virology lab as I stated in January of 2020 the gain of function research and the funding to create the Corona Virus. Fauci should be on trial for may things. We showed how Microchipping people has been a thing and how DARPA has this in the works for years now, to MicroChip people to monitor their health. We showed the plot from Vexille again and how that is likely what is going down. Don't take the MRNA Wizard Death Potion or whatever it is, no one even knows because the inserts are all blank and people are showing themselves having magnetized arms after taking this mysterious witches potion.

Show Notes for everything above and more: https://hive.blog/stwt/@titusfrost/stwt-show-175-show-notes-cbdc-s-usdalgo-fauci-wuhan-bill-gates-china-and-usa-military-robots-etc

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