Your lucky you could find toilet paper, we haven’t had any on the supermarket shelves for weeks. !COFFEEA !MARLIANS

I don't know what it is about the toilet paper!

Luckily, my local store gets stuff quite fast (for now) when they run out of something. Flour is still gone pretty much as soon as it gets to the store. Here in Serbia we eat a lot of bread so I guess that's our priority. :D

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So sorry to hear that on itsky we are too in emergency

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I hope this will be over soon. Stay safe!

I hope you guys stay healthy and safe and hopefully this will end soon. Everything is getting canceled (all events, all sports, including @joordanzzz training/games )here too in Canada. But so far most of the jobs are still not very affected in our province BC, as of yet, but who knows.
Right now the schools are having a 2 week Spring Break, but not sure if they will be open afterwards since I hear there are some closures of Colleges and Universities, where of course the teachers will not be working either.

Like I said. Hopefully it's not for too long, but who knows.

Thank you dear @joalvarez!

Yes, it has been intense these days but isolation didn't affect our lives too bad (me and my family). We are keeping ourselves busy with gardening. My brother is still working and for now it seems like that won't change. Kids are having classes online, looks like school won't start soon.

A lot of people came back from their cut short seasonal work these days that took place in endangered countries and I really hope they will stay in isolation as much as possible as well as elders and everybody else really so that this goes by as fast as possible.

Take care, stay safe and much love to you and your family.

I don't think there's a need to panic, but I think that the precautions are good so that we can protect the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. But I agree with you! A couple of weeks where I don't have to get out of the house and interact with people sounds AWESOME!

It must be a lot harder for extroverts and people who are always out and about.
This situation with the virus made me realize how self-isolated I actually am anyways. But I like it! :)

Where I am nothing much has changed but given how much of an isolated lifestyle that I live that is not saying much in and of itself.

The folks living in suburbs and cities seem to be freaking out and panic shopping which has lead to lots of empty shelves in the stores but I am sure you have already heard that from the news.

The social media sites are assuredly awash with disinformation and some pretty far out conspiracy theories but overall I think that it is just that folks are grappling with trying to 'make sense of things' for their own peace of mind.

Honestly I have not been all that concerned over the virus itself because in the natural cycle of life diseases/viruses arise when a species' population becomes too large. A good example of that is when there are too many deer in an area and things like 'black tongue' emerge and the population gets reduced. I am not saying that is what is happening with this particular virus but it is just how I look at a natural occurrence.

What does concern me is the people here (in the US) are rather selfish and by and large have a sense of entitlement/arrogance and do not deal with deprivation or hardship well and since most folks live either 'pay check to pay check' or at (or below) the poverty line all the upheaval is going to cause folks to grow desperate and behave in a manner that is assuredly going to add more turmoil to a situation that is already rife with fear and panic.

In short it is not the virus that worries is the people.

Yes, I think that people in the cities/crowded places are more prone to panic.

In short it is not the virus that worries is the people.

This makes a lot of sense. People die from cancer, hunger etc. on daily bases but since it's not contagious, nobody really cares. Now it shows how primitive and selfish we really are. Stocking up food like there's no tomorrow, complaining about a lot of things and acting out of fear to save our own butts. :) There is already a lot of disconnection and lack of empathy in the world, now it might even get worse.

Funny we are, humans. But I still have hope we can and will do better. :)

Against all my own logic I absolutely share this sentiment...

Funny we are, humans. But I still have hope we can and will do better. :)

Also I had not considered the disconnection and lack of empathy factor being accelerated but I think that your observation nails it.

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You and I are very much alike, I've been staying in the countryside this whole time and don't feel very motivated to go to the city. Living out here is a true blessing and its good that you are grateful of it and the Steem community does add a lot of flavor to everyday life 😌

Stay safe and keep that positive vibe flowing out to the world, not many are able to do it right now so its no minor feat!


Haha, so this isolation thing is not that much of a change. 😃

Thank you for your kind words, I have my ups and downs but I am trying to stay positive and gratitude is a big part of it.

I hope you're having an awesome day! 😃

Keep safe Nina :)

Thanks, you too! :)

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