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Singapore was lauded for her efforts in curbing, and preventing the spread of the Coronavirus. And we were quite successful too, in the initial stage. The quarantine and contact tracing seemed to have worked. The cases dropped to a single digit number, and we thought we got off lightly. Unfortunately, after the initial stage, the numbers began to slowly add up again.

For a while, it was mostly imported cases. And then, there were more and more local cases. Then there appeared numbers of unlinked cases – where the patients most likely caught the virus from asymptomatic carriers. So, obviously, the steps we took in the prevention was not enough.

We obviously do not know enough of the Covid-19 virus. Everyday, there are conflicting information on how the virus spreads, how long they are able to survive. Nobody seems to have a clear picture of the virus except that social distancing, washing your hands often and keeping them from touching your face helps.

We were told that if we were healthy, we do not need to wear a mask. You wear a mask only when you are sick, so that you don’t spread it to others. But people can be carrying the virus and not have the symptoms. And, social distancing is futile if everyone packs into buses and trains during peak hours, or go to bars and nightclubs after hours. I guess that is why there are more and more new cases popping up.

C 1.jpg

As a last resort, the Singapore government issued a lock down with effect from the 7th of April for a month. So, we will be one of many countries throughout the world under lock down. Hopefully, things will improve by the end of the lock down.

Presently, Singapore has 1,189 cases and 6 deaths. And to date – last checked on this website, Coronavirus Update, the numbers are quite staggering ...

Total number of cases worldwide – 1,201,941
Total Deaths – 64,720
And tens of thousands of new infections each day

Who would have thought that a tiny, microscopic virus – a virus that cause a ‘little flu’, could have brought the world down on her knees. These are troubled times certainly. And it is going to get worse before it gets better.

However, if we work together, and are vigilant, we will be able to win this war with the virus. We have to play our parts. Stay home. Don’t go out unless very necessary. And when you do go out, wear a mask. Wash your hands regularly. Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you for occasions when you do not have access to water to wash your hands.

If we all play our parts, I am sure we will see some results in a month or so. Keep in mind this is a temporary and necessary measure. After the storm, the sun will shine, and all will be well again. For, this too, shall pass.

Meanwhile, life still has to go on, and it is up to us to make it a beautiful Sunday, and sublime Sunday. Keep well and stay healthy.

Here are some light moments from the Covid-19. Never forget to have a little fun, or a little laugh even during these dire times. Laughter during such moments will help to take the edge off things.

These memes are not mine. I gathered them from Facebook pages, and Whatsapp messages.

C 3.jpg

C 4.jpeg

C 2.jpg

C 5.jpeg

C 6.png

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I'm afraid a lot more of us are carrying the virus without knowing after I read from Bloomberg that they are looking at old tuberculosis vaccine as the cure.
Many of us except the older and younger have the BCG vaccination in SG.

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