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 Every individual is different with the approach or habit of everyone contrast with each other. Some people have adopted the bad habits that can be dangerous for themselves and the people associated with them. On the other hand, there are few individuals with good habits that are equally beneficial for everyone.


Eating too many snacks

 This habit not only makes you obese but unhealthy. Too much eating snacks will make your heart upset and you will have many complications in life. This habit has been seen in American and other westerner societies on the rise and what this lead to is unimaginable. This is a major illness in the medical field and this habit has not been anything but a disastrous effect on all of us 


 You can’t count the number of people who have this bad habit but, whoever has this habit has been nothing but a stain on the society.   

  • People who smoke have a bad image in the eyes of people with every person thinking of them as addictive. 
  • Smoking not only is harmful to your lungs and body but also, it gives you mouth a smell which can`t be tolerated. 
  • People hate to go near the person who smokes and it leads to social life which is nothing but a shame.

Watching TV by sitting on a couch 

This is not a new phenomenon, but it is a habit which hasn`t helped a single person in the society. These type of people waste all their time sitting in front of the TV and we get a community or population who is obese, lazy and just a burden on the society. This Habit is vital to be countered before a large number of the population turns to it and society becomes fragile and weak. 


Helping others 

This habit is a need of time with any person, who loves to help others not only helps the society but gets the mentality which makes him happy all-round the clock. A social worker is a prime example of it, with no advantage but only a happiness which he gets by helping others. This habit is vital for society and every person who has it should be happy and proud of himself and should guide others to same. 


 This activity could be identified as a habit if, it is done to get some output and also done on usual bases. Being active or doing exercise every day is the habit of many people and what this habit does to the person is by making him active and healthy. Exercising not only helps the person who does it but the society, who gets these type of people for working in the world and getting the work done inappropriate time with total effectiveness  


  From the above, we could understand that many people could either harm or heal their lives by the habits they are in relation to. If you want to live a life with health and prosperity then, the best approach is to stick to habits which are not helpful for only you but the society you live in.


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U are so right. I've seen this happen to alot of my friends.

Great post @vandrei.razvan. Every man has some good and some bad habits. That's right, people should give up their bad habits, otherwise people will be more dangerous.

Yes, but as you and me and everyone knows, that's one of the hardest things to do.

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Bad habits are always stronger. :)