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RE: What If Your Success Was 'Locked-In' At The Moment Of Decision, WHAT Would You Do? WHO Would You Be?

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Hi @stevenwood,

Amazing post and well written. Maybe a little bit long ;-). I would like to welcome you in the @project.hope community!

I've read a lot of books about success and I've come up with many theories why people succeed or not. I would like to write here what are the reasons why people succeed ;-)

Reason 1: Perseverance

What is the difference between a Karate white belt and a Karate black belt? The black belt is the one that never gave up!

Reason 2: Without action no success

We can read tons of books and watch tutorials. Success only comes to the people who have taken the first step. Without action, it will never be possible to succeed

Reason 3: Mastery comes with training

This is linked with reasons 1 and 2. You can't become a master without perseverance and you can't become a master without trying. To get success we should always try to figure out what works and then repeat it and improve it. The successful people are not the ones who make an invention. It's the one who improve it constantly.

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Those are some fabulous observations my friend. Thank YOU for sharing them! :)

For many, many years I suffered immensely due to the second reason you outline. I gained a huge amount of knowledge and kept on trying to refine it, always reading one more book, looking for one more answer until eventually I realised, I never let go of the side of the metaphorical swimming pool and tried to actually swim!

You see, I always had a reason as to why I wasn't quite ready, the reasons changed often but my lack of activity did not. I used to believe that everything needed to be perfectly researched, all outcomes must be studied and considered before I acted, there was always one more piece of equipment, some tool or online course I required before I was ready to take a leap of faith.

Eventually I discovered I was afraid. If I did not start a task I could never fail! What a sad way to live.

Most people think the journey to success is something like;

Ready --- Aim --- Fire.

That is what the education system teaches us, mistakes are bad and should be avoided.

The true path to success is more akin to;

Ready --- Fire --- Aim.

After we make a mistake we can view this not as a failure but a learning event and readjust our aim and try again until we get it right. It may take 20 attempts before we hit the bullseye. it may take 100 the number is not important, but the desire to learn, adapt and re-aim is priceless.

When we take reason number 1 and 3 together we realise that we do not need to be perfect in the beginning, we just need to begin remembering both principles and we have everything we could ever need to succeed in reasonable time.

I greatly appreciate YOU taking the time to give some excellent feedback and am incredibly happy to see you stopby. Take great care and have a magnificent journey my friend. :)