The missing part in the Law of Success

in #success3 years ago

To succeed, any action toward this success must be completely selfish or, alternatively, you must be fully aware of your selfish motives.

Then the universe will support your doing.

Since we can hardly do something without complete selfishness, it is better that we focus on the path of full consciousness of our selfishness, of our selfish motives. But full awareness of our selfish motives requires that we be completely honest with ourselves. And this is also almost impossible, but at least it is easier than being completely selfish.

Therefore, being, for now, neither completely selfish nor completely aware of your selfishness, you stay, for now, with the facts that are natural to you, the events that happen, the facts that do not require crucial support from the universe . Be happy with them and, meanwhile, work hard in your awareness of your selfishness, do not waste your time working on your selfishness despite the ego's requests.

This is the law of success. They hide from you, for some reason, complete selfishness and conscience. They probably hid it because it makes everything difficult and they know they can only sell you, a lazy one, solutions that seem easy. Anyway, they know that, due to this same laziness, the most likely thing is that they never seriously review it and find out that it does not work, so they feel safe to promise anything.

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