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RE: What If Your Success Was 'Locked-In' At The Moment Of Decision, WHAT Would You Do? WHO Would You Be?

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Hi @stevenwood

I brought your post to attention of several users from our community. Hope you will also spare some time to read their comments and reply/thank them - just to ensure that those people will be aware, that you actually do read comments.

Yours, Piotr


Oh reading and responding s never in doubt. I thrive on genuine engagement and I believe that this is exactly how this platform is supposed to work. It is literally the only thing that will stop the community going in to recession and fading a way and dying. I wish people would focus more on the social part of social media rather than just using it as a way to throw content at the world and expecting it to respond lol.

That being said, I work looong days on my work-cycle ((12 hour shifts plus travel time either end)) this doesn't leave a whole lot of time for engagement, but when my days off work come around I am like a demon, frantically creating sparks from my keyboard.

The sheer amount and amazingly high quality of the engagement on this post has given me whole lot of optimism and dare I say 'HOPE' that there are enough people here doing things the right way to make this platform thrive.

We have met in passing in the past and never really had a huge amount of engagement to show for it, but consider yourself 'well met' Piotr, I am certain we will share thoughts and cross paths a whole lot more going forward, take great care and have a stunning journey my friend :)

Seriously, I love how responsive you are @stevenwood :)

That being said, I work looong days on my work-cycle ((12 hour shifts plus travel time either end)

What do you do for living? Would you mind sharing?

Great to have you around buddy
Cheers, Piotr

Hey Piotr, great to hear from you. it takes me quite some time to answer my comments but I get back eventually. You may possibly have noticed I am not very economic with my words either so it takes all the longer but I like to really connect rather than a drive-by Hi and Bye lol.

In answer to your question I work in a food factory making vegetarian food, burgers, sausages, nuggets that kind of thing, it is one of the biggest names in the world for that kind of product. BUT I realised that my destiny is not to do that!

I should be a mentor, coach or something that lets me engage with people fully and maybe have the chance to help them achieve their goals, dreams and ambitions.

Yup I think that would rise me from my bed at 5.40 in a very different mood than my current job!

Great to have you around buddy

Oh trust me Piotr it is bloody magnificent to be around. I have never met the like of the warm, friendly people I have encountered over the last week or so in such huge numbers. The HOPE community is an absolute credit to you my friend, some truly amazing values have been laid out and the community have grabbed them and adopted those values as their own.

I know, I know, I know, that to many people they must be still trying to work me out, thinking 'is this stevenwood dude insincere or a hyperactive fool or what... Haha'

In time they will see that I look for the very best of the human spirit and when I find it, I celebrate it, embrace it and tell the world about it - because that is precisely what the world NEEDS!!!

((Too may words? hahah... Yup it's kinda my thing LOL))

Take good care my friend :)