With 1,135,064 Accounts on STEEM...How Can You Stick Out From The Noise?

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I really enjoy following @penguinpablo on STEEM. Every single day, he goes through all the numbers behind the blockchain. From the amount people that powered up, to accounts that power down...How many new accounts are created and how many daily active users there are...

But one stat to me is the most important...And that is total users on the STEEM blockchain. And as of this morning PenguinPablo's latest stats have us at 1,135,064 accounts!

1.1 million plus!

And growing each and everyday. And I expect with Hardfork 20 right around the corner, we will see even more people joining STEEM in the coming weeks...

As an entrepreneur and content creator, that tells me I have 1.1 million plus opportunities to make a daily impression!

Yes, I know that's not 1.1 million active accounts but you get the point...I have opportunity...EVERY DAY...To get my personal brand out there and add value. The issue is for many newer Steemians is how can we do that effectively with so many accounts and pulls for our attention.

Let's be honest..Unless you come jumping onto STEEM with a few hundred thousand STEEM and powered up, people don't always run to your blog or content...So we need to ask ourselves, how can we stick out from the crowd and build those relationships with the 1.1 million people on the blockchain...

Here's a few tips;

1. Show Up Everyday - This is so important. And while it sounds really good on paper and easy to do, not many follow through. Look, let's be honest, with STEEM around 70 cents a pop right now, people aren't beating down the doors to 'make money blogging'...But rest assured, there is plenty to be excited about. So show up! Everyday! Yeah you could create content but that also means commenting, resteeming, using the Dapps on the blockchain...But be active! Every day no matter what...

2. Be Remarkable - I read a book years ago that stands the test of time as being my favorite business book ever - Seth Godin's Purple Cow. In this book, Seth argues that one must be remarkable to remain relevant. He says, no one remembers a black and white cow in the pasture....But if you see a Purple Cow, now that's unique! So be unique. Be memorable. Do things others may stay away from and leave your mark with others! Whether it's through blogging, video creation, photography, music...Whatever...You are not limited here on STEEM!

I myself, I try to use all the Dapps as well as run my monthly contests to create positive attention to my content...Find what works best for you!

3. Power Up - It would be great if people would notice your hard work and all the passion you have towards your content...But this just doesn't happen here. I've been here for almost a year and as much as I show up daily and post content regularly, I'm often overlooked. Heck I even attended the STEEM Creators conference last week and was forgotten to be mentioned in a few posts from other attendees. That tells me, as much as I love this platform...People just don't always remember hard work...But they do remember...An upvote!

And how can you get noticed here? By powering up and curating awesome content that continues to show up on others pay outs. Yeah this may not be the most popular advice...Because that means you have to actually spend some moolah....But it works!

4. Network! Engage! Communicate! - As much as my ego took a hit last week at the STEEM Creators conference, I still believe in attending offline events. I'm working hard to get to Poland for STEEMFest3 and absolutely LOVE offline events. The people you meet, the things you learn and the networks you build...Are worth the price of admission alone. Hey, maybe a trip to Europe isn't in your cards this year...Not to worry, get out there and ENGAGE by commenting on others posts...DAILY! (Remember point 1 above??)

Remember, this blockchain and it's members have a tendency to create communities and support each other...So find those communities, get involved and see how you can add value to them!

5. Be Passionate! - Live this stuff. Breathe this stuff. Share this stuff! Everywhere I go, I'm waving the STEEM flag...Literally! I have bought STEEM t-shirts, @dlive t-shirts, a STEEM Silver coin, posters, books and printed out the white paper to read it a few dozen times...I love this blockchain, this project and the people here....And I hope that comes through with my content! You cannot fake this stuff, so fall in love with your work and people will notice!

These are just a few tips and tricks that have helped me on my journey...And it's by no means a full list...But if you want to stick out from the crowd, these techniques WILL help you...I guarantee it!

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Steem is great and after the hard fork, I hope folks will have an easier time getting an account. That alone will help with the membership numbers.

yup. i think it’ll be a huge step in the right direction. looking forward to it!!

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I was haopy while reading this post @jongolson You are a true Steem ambassador 😊

And don't worry about not getting mentioned by some people. I saw you mentioned a few times and I heard you did a great job speaking 👍

appreciate the kind words and support! that’s awesome.

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Great advice Jon... it's all about developing a plan... no matter what you are working on you have to have a plan. Darren Hardy is great about giving advice. He is one that tells you to look at the daily decisions and not bite off more than you can chew (of course he says it more elegantly)!

lol very true. yeah he’s one of my favorites for sure.

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I have been trying to figure out delegation better but the process still eludes me. Do you know of a good guide that takes it step by step for new people?

absolutely. check out @brandonfrye and the series he did a few months ago about delegation. he goes over it really well. and it was one of my biggest learning curves as well. took me months to figure it out. but once you do, you fall in love with steem even more.

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Thanks for your motivation. I try to be active every day and also try to produce unique content that may give some others an added value. My reputation grows and I also got some active followers.
And as I said above, your posts keep me doing this.

thanks man. that’s the trick. constant content and engaging every day

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I wish, one day there will be tens of millions of accounts here. Scale is crucial in long run... Thank you for interesting post!

agreed. that’s a very exciting thing to think about. and we’re all here this early :)

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Exactly. Thats part of adventure, right? :)

did you mention commenting? this is the most important and successful way for a minnow to attract attention if one makes a sensible comment, it would potentially draw interest towards your profile and hence to your blog. In fact the reader of this comment might already check out my profile & blog as a (in my case unsollicited) result.

absolutely. ya i consider engagement as commenting for sure.

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I completely agree with this, I've gotten so many more followers and meaningful conversations from commenting than from simply posting. I try to pass on that tip to newcomers.

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@jongolson do you make your own graphics? They look great!

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ya. i use canva.com

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Cool, I’ll try that out, haven’t heard of it before

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yeah man. it’s awesome. free and tons of features.

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With upcoming changes it is important to decide where YOU want to go with this opportunity.

And yes, @jongolson, I finally got Partiko installed!

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lol atta boy!! welcome to the fun

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I'm old and slow! And it's freaking addicting!

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Love your passion for Steemit that's the most important thing otherwise you're just another reward milking content creator.

By the way, I see quite a few people say HF20 will bring on more users. I'm haven't been keeping up to date with that side of the things, so how exactly does the dynamics work? The last person I asked who said that says he doesn't know 🙄

I may be able to help with this answer.

So, right now, before HF20 for every new account created on Steem it's paid a fee. There is also the option to create accounts with delegation.

After HF20, two things will change radically regarding new account creation (among other things):

  • new accounts will not be able to be created with delegation (which mainly releases a lot of pressure from Steemit Inc for delegating to new accounts)
  • new accounts can be created as before paying a full fee OR at a discounted price, in which case, payment will be made in resource credits, the replacer of bandwidth. Those who will have lots of RCs (most likely only top projects or whales) will be able to onboard people virtually for free, at the expense of RCs, which is a regenerable resource. That's why the onboarding process will become easier, because there will be the alternative to create new accounts without paying with STEEM or other crypto for them, and more projects besides Steemit Inc will be interested to onboard people directly to their own projects, probably without going through the verification phase Steemit Inc performs, which takes so long. It's also important to know this onboarding alternative will start after HF20, but it would take some time before it will become an well-oiled machine, so to speak.

Thanks for the clarification @gadrian about the new account creation process. Maybe it's me being a bit slow. HF20 makes it easier and quicker to create accounts, but how does it actually attract or bring or more users? Non Steemians will likely hear of Steemit via friends or find out about it on social media, crypto news etc. And think, yeah, I wanna be part of that. How the account is actually created is transparent to them, and they probably don't know they have to wait 3 weeks pre HF20, and less post.

So based on my understanding, HF20 will make it easier for people to onboard Steemit as you have explained, but I still struggle to see how it will bring on more users. Unless there's a massive campaign to attract new users, pre or post HF20 makes no difference to new sign up numbers, ie bringing on more users to Steemit. Maybe I'm missing something or maybe I've misunderstood something.... which does tend to happen ^_^

Steem is much larger than Steemit, and that's why I try as much as I can to advise people to say Steem whenever they can, unless they really mean Steemit (which they rarely do).

The quicker onboarding will not come from Steemit, unless they give up the verification phase, which I doubt they will!

It will come from various other DApps which have been waiting for the opportunity. That's where the new flood of users will come from. And the DApps themselves, or their users will be the ones doing the promotion, but they won't promote steemit.com, they will promote the DApp, like DTube, DLive, Busy.org, SteemMonsters, Actifit etc.

I believe DApps which will have the process set up to sign up people using discounted accounts will let their users know, so that they can help in the promotion efforts to make that DApp known outside the Steem ecosystem and sign up more people.

Thanks, that makes a bit more sense now.

Adrian for the win :)

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Hey With all of your great content so far how can anyone not remember you. I believe you will get to the place where your content will be seen by millions. You do have to remember there will be people with poor taste and don't appreciate your content but hopefully only a few.

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thanks for the kind words :) i just hope to keep producing stuff for the long term.

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Waoooo felicitaciones. ¡Que bien! me parece genial tus recomendaciones, el que ingresa a esta comunidad quiere hacerse notar a veces no contamos con herramientas que nos hagan crecer, todo es cuestión de indagar, investigar. Gracias por tus recomendaciones las tendré en cuenta. Gracias por tus recomendaciones. Saludos desde Venezuela

Gracias por los comentarios. Y espero que pongas en práctica los consejos :) ¡Buena suerte!

hola lo que pasa es que esta plataforma es tan inmensa que desconozco muchas cosas. Estoy en la lucha aprendiendo poco a poco. Gracias

tómate tu tiempo y haz muchas preguntas. esa es la mejor parte al respecto, la gente ayudará con cualquier cosa que pueda tener preguntas sobre

Gracias ya veo que tienes buena reputación has trabajado duro me imagino.

sí, lleva tiempo, pero los miembros te apoyarán

I can see your passion for this platform despite some experience that could take away your motivation. Steem on

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How about using bots too? 😂

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