SCHOOL system is teaching us to be POOR! Fight back my fellow Steemians!

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It is funny how after i have finished college and started to work, i realized how school system is teaching us to be poor!
You might be wondering how is that? Let me explain.


From the very first day school system is teaching us to specialize in some area of expertise and get a job, work every single day from 9-5 for someone else and live paycheck to paycheck. This is to worst kind of income, active income. You have to trade your valuable time for money. It doesn't matter how much you are paid per hour, you can only work limited amount of hours per day.
They are not teaching us how to handle most one of the most important things in the world, the money!
How many people do you know that actually have savings? Look around you.


Did you know that over 90% of world's population is living in debt?!

And that the gap between rich and poor is getting bigger every single day?

Yes, we have turned into spenders and debt society, it has become normal that after you graduate, you live in debt until you die. As soon as you graduate, you have to pay for students loan, car loan, and of course the house mortgage.
This enslaves ordinary people for the rest of their lives.

But, not You and me, fellow Steemians, we are the entrepreneurs on the rise, we are the early adopters, we have recognized the opportunity in the blockchain technology and this phenomenal platform.

So try hard my fellow minnow comrades, be persistent, think outside the box, never give up.

Let's fight our way to financial freedom together!

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I agreeeeee! This is so true.

thanks mate :)