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Years ago, during my days in high school, my friend Jimi and I discussed about setting up a small business back home after college life before heading to the university. We planned, researched and took appraisals of the various options available to us then and after so much deliberations, we finally arrived at setting up a small café. The questions that followed our decisions then was that “HOW DO WE BEGIN? These and many more were the issues that usually confront the goal getters of our days. All they could ever do is to envisage but to lay down their plans in order of priority is the stumbling block. It’s easy to aspire but to turn this into a working and result yielding adventure is the problem.

The question “HOW DO WE BEGIN? Was what killed our dream as an aspiring young entrepreneurs. We lacked that cutting edge because the fear of trying and failed set in; we had so many priorities but just couldn’t set them out in an orderly manner and that caused us to miss that opportunities of owning a café. Years after graduating from the university, I discovered that the idea that we actually conceived at high school was actually making wave for someone else back home; the café was doing so well that each time I visited my parents back home, I couldn’t just do without taking a sip from the shop.

Then it began to occur to me that I was just taking a sit from my brilliant idea but was just too afraid to set my goal towards a potential promising adventure which perhaps I could have done much better than this because the dreams, aspirations and success-driven zeal was so high. That’s how most people live. “They’re working hard, sweating hard, but they are making no real progress in life. They’re not going anywhere” why? Because they’re not setting up their goals towards living a sound successful life.

To be continued!


As I read, I began to imagine what it would be like playing football without a goal post. Definitely, there'll be nothing more frustrating. But regrettably, that's the lifestyle many lead. Well said bro. Goal setting is key to success.

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How do we begin? This takes me back to a scene in a movie, I think Arabian Nights where someone asks how to tell a story, I think the story teller replies in a line similar to this, " Start from the beginning, move to the middle and the next stop is the end" I think this is the best way to start something, just start! Too much plans will make you never to start as you will keep seeing loopholes in the plan.

Nice article. I had to upvote this :)

Your reply could make for a post, as well....Lolz

"Start from the beginning, move to the middle and the next stop is the end".

Plain and simple!

Just Do It.... Nike's way. Lol

Lol 2nded

Good piece, Kaybammy!

Preach brother preach!

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