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RE: What If Your Success Was 'Locked-In' At The Moment Of Decision, WHAT Would You Do? WHO Would You Be?

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I am a long form blogger ((usually)) and my posts quite often exceed 2 or 3 thousand words as once I begin to explore an idea the obsession persists till I have found a conclusion lol.

it is called guts. I have seeing that bloggers nowadays writing short post. But long post is very beneficial to generate outside and lots of traffic. Because longer post is equal to more keywords. but readers not spending much time. So anyway welcome to the project hope community. And yes keep struggling like as ant climb up on tree. So it can give the perfect result.


Thankyou very much for taking the time to comment and let me know your thoughts my friend, I am incredibly grateful :)

I simply cannot stop writing until I believe the idea is through to it's end lol, when people stop by to engage that makes it ALL worth the effort. Thank-you so much for the welcome to the community I look forward to engaging many times in the future.

Take great care of you and yours and have an amazing journey my friend :)