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RE: What If Your Success Was 'Locked-In' At The Moment Of Decision, WHAT Would You Do? WHO Would You Be?

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Hi @stevenwood,
you put a lot of effort into this article indeed! At first, I thought it is too long for me, but then I realized I really enjoyed reading it.
In my opinion, people are here to make mistakes. To repeat them. To not improve their bad habits. But the lucky ones get through this all and learn. Learn how to improve your habits, how to be better person and more skilled one. Yes, not everyone would reach that point and there is evidently always something to improve for the one! But I really think, there could be A MOMENT for everyone, where he can watch behind self shloulder and re-organize things or improve in some way. There could be some book, video, podcast or something what can change peoples opinion or habit...and the n the one must keep working hard on inproving.

Have you heard of 10x rule? I am planning to write an article about it in some future. In short - it is a book from Grant Cardone, you can find it also on Amazon or you can listen it via YouTube as an audio book. The thing is to set up 10x higher goals than you think at this moment you can achieve and then take actions to reach those goals. So many people set so small goals and not profiting from those, because their path is probably too easy (in some speaking).

I think the goal for everyone is to try self-educate as much as possible that something in your mind/brain will change a little bit and then you are heading those goals you set up. And avoiding mistakes in the same way. Mistakes, you did in the past, mistakes, you could make in the future and the best thing, avoiding the mistakes done by the other people.


Yes it happens often, I sit at my keyboard and end up taking far more time than I intended BUT the trick is that I only write posts that give me a lot of joy and that I consider important enough to justify the time commitment and effort, enjoying writing them is just a happy bonus. :)

ThankYOU so much for taking the time to come visit and leave such an amazing comment, it makes it utterly worthwhile and I just love to engage and get to know people better.

Goal-setting is a great passion of mine 10X is an awesome way to go after your dreams, right? You are so, so right about self-education, reading, studying... It has the ability to make us far more than we are today if we practice it for a lifetime and as I am 100% certain YOU already know, it is fun too! I wish more people realised that, rather than just seeing the potential for work being involved.

Mistakes/failures are often our very best teachers in disguise, the trick is to try and recognise the good in any situation ((especially when things seem particularly dark!!!)) this way we open our mind, heart and spirit up to fabulous new ways of improving everything.

Thanks again for taking the time, take great care and see you around I am certain of that :)

One more thing, some people might find this article too long. When writing (and then reviewing your own article), I heard some rule (and I must say I am not applying it every time, but sometimes I do) which tells that "what is not necessary for understanding the topic, take it out". It might be a word, several words, a sencetnce, several sentences....depends.
Cheers, I am looking forward for you next work.

Dear @ritxi

Appreciate your amazing comment. Big thx for sharing your opinion with us

Have you heard of 10x rule? I am planning to write an article about it in some future

I've never heard about this rule. Please share link to your post whenever you publish it.

Yours, Piotr

Yes, it is planned 😎 so I will let you know, it is interesting.