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RE: What If Your Success Was 'Locked-In' At The Moment Of Decision, WHAT Would You Do? WHO Would You Be?

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Great read and unfortunately I can relate so much that it is scary :).

What people forget is that it takes hardwork in the long run to succeed, our society is about immediate rewards and we are not used to having to work months before getting some stuff done.

Look at the Steem Blogging platform, people expect that the community is waiting for them and that they will have followers and rewards right away.

When it does not happen, they stop and complain how unfair it is.

But when you ask them: "What did you do to make it happen?"

Well none of them probably spent an hour reading other people's blog and commenting, then posting quality content and interacting with communities.

Great read and have a great saturday night.




What an absolutely fabulous piece of astute feedback, thank YOU I am incredibly grateful, such engagement is the absolute lifeblood of this and indeed any 'social' platform or community.

You are so utterly right and precisely attuned to my thoughts, that too is scary. We live in a world of instant downloads, streaming an entire TV series in one night, fast-food, abs in 30 days or your money back and it has, ((hopefully not irreparably)), damaged peoples view of reality and expectation from any given effort.

Imagine if a fisherman, new to the skill cast out his rod for the very first time and 30 seconds later exclaimed "this stuff doesn't work." What if the farmer sowed his seeds and upon waking the following morning saw he had no crop and sold his farm? We would starve and become extinct rather raidly!

Sadly success literature doesn't choose to focus too much on discipline, integrity and consistency but rather chooses slick, sexy ((unrealistic)) headlines and sound-bytes that appeal to our 'get it now'* psychological triggers and desires.

I would like to address your first point lastly as it resonated massively with me. After almost half a century wandering aimlessly around this blue/green orb we call home I have stumbled in to so many of the pitfalls I have outlined here repeatedly and with hindsight I realise that falling in to them is actually OK, but staying in them is foolish and unacceptable!

Life is a journey, an adventure and whatever we choose for it to be, but moreover I believe it is a learning event, think f a video-game where we make measurable progress and learn from that which went before in order to progress a level and I believe that is it.

We should all aim to level up our life to what we want it to be, based on what is important to us and not because it looks impressive in the eyes of others.

Thank YOU so much for stopping by and doubly for the stunning engagement, take great care of you and yours. I look forward to crossing paths many times along the journey :)