Suddenly someone will stroke?

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Suddenly someone will stroke? If you knew the technique before, maybe someone could not have died by stroke, know the strategy.


When someone is affected by the stroke, his brain cells are gradually expanded.
People need first aid and rest.
The patient continued to die on one hand and on the other hand, relatives and relatives tried to save the patient.
What exactly should be done at this moment?

If you see the person with the stroke can not be removed because bleeding may explode in the brain, it would be better if you
There is a needle of needle in the house or sewing needle, you will heat the needle over the flames for a few seconds.
Use it so that it is sterilized and then use it to wound small fingers in the patient's hand 10 fingers.
Do this so that every finger is bleeding, no experience or previous knowledge will be required.
Just be sure that there is enough bleeding from the fingers.
During the blood of the 10 fingers, wait for a few minutes to see the patient is recovering slowly.
If the affected person's face is distorted then massage his ear.
Massage her ear in such a manner that her ear becomes red due to massage, and this means that the blood has reached the ears.

Then each needle in the soft part of each ear to read the blood from each ear.
Wait a few minutes to see if the face will not be distorted.
More other symptoms are seen. Wait until the patient is fairly normal.
Waiting for some time as soon as possible to get admitted to the hospital.

Blood pressure system is used as part of medical treatment in China
Coming and practical application of this method, 100% has been proven effective.

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