Suddenly The Neck Is Tough

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Suddenly the neck is tough


One morning in the morning, wake up from sleep, the neck became stiff. Can not move Pain is being done to move. To return to the side, the whole body is turning around. Why is that so? In most cases this happens due to sudden muscle tension or spraying. Especially the muscles that attach the scalp bone to the shoulders, the lavator scapula is more like this due to muscle tension. The common causes of injury or tension in this muscle are:

  • Bend your neck
  • Taking a long time to watch TV or reading a book or working on a computer
  • Any sudden injury (eg, due to sudden braking)
    Long-phone calls between the neck and the shoulders.

It may also be due to the removal of bone fracture, bone infection or dissection of the neck. Sudden abnormality of the neck after a lot of fever but the symptoms of meningitis If a person is bleeding in a particular place of the brain, one can become unconscious or hard-pressed with the hardness of the neck.


But most of the tough necks or stiffs are cured due to muscles and within a week or two. Suddenly there is nothing more to do with the cold bruising on the neck and eating painkillers or muscle relaxant medicines. Take corrective and corrective mistakes. Use a thin pillow to sleep on a sturdy bed. Do not work too much down the neck. Fix the monitor height of the computer. Late watching TV, reading books will not work. If you have problems with neck, exercise your doctor's advice. There is no benefit to using necklace. However, it can be used to get protection during travel.

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