Sudoku Challenge - Fri 19 January - Difficulty: Easy

in #sudoku3 years ago

Ciao Steemian Sudoku fans,
Today's Sudoku challenge is of easy difficulty
It is just for fun - Can you solve and find the number in the highlighted square?
Leave me a comment if you can work it out.


Well done to @mcmonkey @siralexf for completing last week’s grid
The solution I had for last Friday’s puzzle is:


Remember have fun!


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soduko =) guess its 2.

I select 3

The number in the red square is 3.
Edit: added the full solution. I wanted to upload my initial solution draft at first as well, but it was dirty and unreadable. I formatted it to be more readable and overall prettier, haha.

I guess I don't understand how these work. I'll have to look up what I'm supposed to be doing. In the meantime, I'll stick with cryptograms and crosswords.

The number in the red square is 3. :-)

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