Negative thoughts that sabotaging you!

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Do you summarize an event negatively?


Let me explain a little more!

You meet your friend, you hang out with them, you pass a good time. After coming back when your brain process the event it mostly focus on what didn't work right, what makes you feel bad, something negative about your friends, etc. You may not consciously do this but your thought process is self-harming.

It's very necessary to understand what thoughts are helping you and whatnot. There's no way that our negative thoughts are anything helpful. It's true that our intuition sometimes gives us negative feelings about something. But that's another story.
When we think something negative about anything or anyone, most of the time, it doesn't make an impact on others. Our negative thoughts can't change anyone or anything as we want. We have to work on that to change it. So these self-harming thoughts are actually sabotaging us.

Moreover, it's not always others. Many times we think negatively about ourselves too. That is also harmful.

Ask yourself, if you think your partner is good for nothing, your boss is evil, your co-worker is not helpful, your friends are not that friendly, your family members are not supportive. This list will go longer if you have this type of thought in you. Your brain will learn to proceed only the negative thoughts about others if you don't take any action.

We face many injustices in our life. Not everything will treat us right. But see from a different side, you can't also ensure justice and being nice to everyone. This is how it works. So don't let your inner side dying by thinking negatively about others. It will work as self-sabotaging and you will end up getting mental and physical unwellness. Make good choices from now!


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