Sunset Over the Hay

in #sunset3 years ago


As the golden orb sank into the sea of rye yesterday evening, it occurred to me that the sun was also setting figuratively on the life of the hay: it'll be cut very soon and we'll be bringing in bales!

Life has been flowing along here:
※ The kids have finished school and holidays are upon us!
※ My family is descending on the Meadows from Victoria over the next few days for Christmas and I can't wait to see them.
※ Pasture maintenance has continued, with the grass being mown, weeds being sprayed and irrigation happening daily.
※ Netting for the fuit trees is ready to go once the fruit grows a bit more. We should have put first proper harvest of apples and a few nectarines this summer!

Hoping to get into the hills again sometime over the summer, but I'm enjoying this dad gig. Cheers all.