Please Welcome 1,000 Players - Delegate 25 SP To Get Verified - Post On Steemit To Earn Millions Of Coins - Super 8 Ball Club - The Multiplayer Pool Game - Powered By STEEM Blockchain

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Dear STEEM community,

I'm very happy to announce that Super 8 Ball Club has reached nearly 1,000 players mark in less than two months with little to no marketing, and we're just getting started with the promotions. The thing worth noting is that we've done nearly zero marketing and yet the number of verified players are growing every day. Actually, you can expect many awesome things since we are targeting 100 Million Pool Gamers community with Super 8 Ball Club Android Game that's available on Google Play Store

Super 8 Ball Club
Super8BallClub's Official Website | Google Play Store

In case if any of you missed the announcement post, here's an important snippet:

What is Super 8 Ball Club?

Super 8 Ball Club is an android game that I developed in c# and javascript with my friend. It is the first ever multiplayer-based pool game which allows you to earn STEEM for winning the matches and costs you nothing when you get beaten by your opponent. You know what's the great part? All the players will be Steemians playing with each other in multiplayer mode.

In the last growth update, we posted the graphical data for people to see that we reached 500 members at that time. But this time, I believe that PlayFab Dashboard information will suffice as a graphical proof that we have 921 Players to be exact as of now. PlayFab is the database that we use for storing gaming related data and when you join us, you make a separate gaming account (which is made on our PlayFab database). If you want more detailed statistics, please don't hesitate to ask.

enter image description here

Delegation Request:

Please consider delegating to @super8ballclub. Through our Profit Sharing Program, We deliver nearly the same profit as bidbots. We give all the Author SP rewards to the delegators and we don't use any kind of lottery system. You get all the Author SP rewards based on your delegation. It is worth noting that Super8BallClub is the only project that gives all the Author SP rewards which are huge, no other project (except bidbots) give you such returns. By delegating to Super8BallClub, you get nearly the same return as bidbots (or more than bidbots, read the details here).

A lot of users felt discouraged during the market crash and many players stopped playing because of the decreased rewards. Thanks to @tombstone for his generous delegation of 25,000 SP that we are able to reward players, but since the number of players is growing, we need more delegation. We currently have 33,060 delegated SP which make us spit 8 to 9 SBD which gets divided among all the winners. It's nothing as compared to the activity. It's our request to all the whales to support this project. Look at the bigger picture and understand the scope. Help us reaching millions of audience as our target is big and achievable.

Delegate 25 SP To Get Verified - New Verification System:

Before this system, we had two options for verifying game accounts:

  • Post on steemit using #super8ballclub tag and write your game tracking name if your rep is => 60.
  • If your rep is less than 60, you are required to post a selfie while holding a piece of paper on which your steem username and game tracking name must be clearly visible.

These verification systems are designed to prevent/reduce any kind of fraud like multiple accounts etc. We've received many requests from users to give an easy option to get verified. We understand that not everyone feels comfortable when showing his face. Therefore, we are introducing a new verification system. Now you can delegate 25 SP to @super8ballclub and post on steemit using #super8ballclub where you should write your game tracking name.

If you are new and don't know how it works, here's a short intro:

  • We give you the ability to make separate game accounts using PlayFab database. It ensures 100% security to your steemit accounts. Your safety is our priority.
  • In order to create a game account, you need to download and install Super 8 Ball Club from Google Play Store. The game is only available for Android at the moment.
  • After installing the game, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the game. You'll see the Login page. Please click on "Register here" button as shown below:
enter image description here

Step 2: Registration panel will pop up. Write the information correctly:
enter image description here

  • Enter your email address that will be used to recover the password of your game account when you ever forget it. We don't send confirmation emails so please write carefully.

  • Enter your password (min 6 characters). Please use the strong password only. (Note: Don't paste your STEEM account passwords, we don't need your STEEM password. This is a game account which is separate from STEEM blockchain account).

  • Please enter your unique tracking name. You will be asked to write your tracking name during the verification process. More information about verification process is available within this post.

  • Please enter your STEEM username without "@". (i.e princewahaj in my case).

  • If you're referred by someone, please write his STEEM username without "@". Leave blank if none.

  • Hit "Register" button.

Step 3: You will be redirected to the Menu. As you can see, the Play button is disabled by default and it says that you are an "Unverified User". You need to verify your Super 8 Ball Club account.
enter image description here

Now you'll have to verify your account and for that, you have the following options to choose from:

  • Delegate 25 SP to @super8ballclub and post using #super8ballclub tag. Your post should contain your game tracking name so that we could identify which account belongs to you.

  • If your reputation is equal to or greater than 60, you won't have to delegate for verification. Use #super8ballclub tag when posting on steemit and include your game tracking name in the post.

  • If your reputation is less than 60 and you don't want to delegate to get verified, please take your selfie while holding a piece of paper on which your steemit username and game tracking name must be clearly visible and make a post using #super8ballclub.

Delegate 25 SP for verification using SteemConnect now.

Post Using #super8ballclub Tag & Earn Millions Of In-Game Coins:

I am excited to announce a new promotional offer for gamers and it's time to make a statement that we exist for real. Now you can earn in-game coins to play big tables and earn the high number of shares to win more SBD. Write any quality post related to super8ballclub or video or live stream using #super8ballclub tag and earn unlimited coins.


For every $1 your post generates, you will get 100 coins. If your post generates $100, you will get 10,000 coins. If your post generates $200, you will get 20,000 coins. In short, there's no minimum value. If your post generates $0.10, you will get 10 coins and so on.

However, if you manage to get your post in Top 10 of the trending page, you will not only receive 100 coins per $1 generated value but will also get 100,000 coins as a bonus. There are no hard rules, you can use any technique such as bidbots or trails. (For example, you managed to get the post on trending page and the final value of the post is $300, you will get 30,000 coins + 100,000 coins as a bonus for being in Top 10 of the trending page). That's a win-win situation.

Note: We have referral system as well. You will get 1,000 coins for referring each verified gamer, and the person using your name will get 250 extra coins. All you need to give your friends your steemit username to put in the referral field during the registration.

If you don't know what are coins and shares, then let me explain in short. A coin is an in-game currency at Super 8 Ball Club which is used to bet on tables, buy cues or buy chats from our in-game shop. Coins can only be earned and never be purchased since we don't allow gambling. Shares, on the other hand, are convertible to SBD and they can only be earned and never be lost. When you win the match against someone, you earn shares based on the table you played. Big tables offer more shares than small tables. When you win, you earn shares but when you lose, you only lose the coins but not the shares. In short, you can only win the shares and can never lose it. For more information, read our FAQ post here.

Here are the cues that you can purchase with Coins:

enter image description here

And the chat packs that can be bought with Coins:

enter image description here

The tables that you can enjoy with a large number of Coins:

enter image description here

We have London, Sydney, Moscow, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Jakarta, Toronto, and Sheffield. The last one is the most challenging board but the most rewarding one too.

And the screenshot of Las Vegas table:
enter image description here

You can delegate to us by using the links below.

500 SP, 1000 SP, 5000 SP, 25000 SP, 100000 SP.
Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

However, if you want to delegate more, please edit "25000" to the amount of SP you want to delegate without any special character (i.e 500000 for 500K SP) from this link:

Please consider delegating to @super8ballclub and help us attracting millions of users from the gaming community. Don't forget that the success of this project would be a success of STEEM blockchain overall. I'm sure that we'll be able to push the value of STEEM upwards through such projects which would be a huge victory for us. Look at the bigger picture and support us. At last, thank you very much for delegating, supporting and taking interest in Super8BallClub. Looking forward to having you as one of the active gamers in our game.


A lot of users simply ignored the game because they had to post their picture to be verified.
We understand most of the users on steemit want to stay anonymous and therefore we cane up with this new verification system of delegating 25 sp.
We made sure to keep the delegation amount as little as possible. We were thinking about keeping the delegation amount to 10sp but that would have lead to frauds as many users would have been able to delegate this little amount from multiple accounts.

Super8ballclub is definitely better than many of the projects here on steemit which have got loads of delegation and I don't understand why delegators are ignoring super8ballclub.

I agree with you 100%! This thing deserves attention. It has been the reason many new users are joining steemit! Where are the ones who remember our basic goal of making steemit big .

please verify my account

Thank you for taking your time and making things more clear for people.

I would say that Super8BallClub offers the most profits as compared to any other project. All of them give around 15% or 5% beneficiaries but yet they have millions of SP delegated. At Super8BallClub using our Profit Sharing Program, we are giving all the Author SP rewards which are far more than any other project.

But on the other hand, I am not being hopeless. I am sure that delegators will consider delegating to us. The awesomeness of @tombstone is that he delegated 25,000 SP on the spot which made things a lot easier for us. Now we are in need of more.

We are targeting 100 Million Pool Gamers community, and we are giving everyone a fair chance to accumulate SBD/STEEM. Please consider delegating to @super8ballclub and help us reach more audience.

pricewahaj are you indian?

You have also great knowledge about that

This project truely deserves more and hopefully it will get the well deserved attention from big delegators of steemit. Amazing Job!

Thank you for the kind words!

Let's hope we get some attention from the whales. The delegation from @misterdelegation or others would be awesome.

Absolutely they should give this a try. This is BIG!

25sp delegation-verification is a great step. I hope this project gets more sp-delegation from whales.

You are doing a great great job @princewahaj.
You are always with us when we face any kind of problem and we wish you always will. Sometime you respond knowing the problem is very silly.
You always try to make us happy and never let us feel boaring bringing some interesting offers and gifts.
We the all players and members of "super 8 ball club" are very thankful to you staying with us in every situation.
We pray to Almighty Allah that may Allah bless you and he may help you in every situation in you life.

Looks pretty good, well thought out idea, hope it goes well for you.

Thank you for interessante game!

Seams a very interesting project and will definitely try the game and will post my experience too. I have one question @princewahaj when you are planning to release the iOS version of game.

Can anyone tell me how to do it....

hello sir you have a great Community,i like to be a part of this Community ,pleas support me .

Congratulations for reaching a goal that although it seems little work much you carry, luck qute go well.

Very good game . I have read through all and would like to do my own research as well but it looks very attractive and profitable to me

Hlo sir aap ne mera zebpay mei 10000 ka deposit succès krvaya tha agr apko yaad Ho
Sir steemit smaj mei nahi aata aap bhi koi vidéo bnao es pe

this is very good project and its growing very fast , have excited to play this

Hlo ï follow u and give u upvote now its ur turn

Congrats for 1000 player community
Well growing in steemit upvote us and follow us Help each other

I think super8ball club is a win lost game show

how do i register on steem network?

You're already on steem network. Download the game from Play Store and follow the above-mentioned steps.

You have posstive things sbout that and that's not bad thing

Good.... Follow me guys

Amazing! I hope it goes well for you

sir give me the way how join this game

very good post

Great idea sir . It will help out community very much . The game is really good

@princewahaj sir i play super8ball club a lot.. it is very addictive game but sir when will the IOS version release as i have to borrow my sisters phone as i cannot play on my iphone. Please update about the IOS version of game

The only problem with iOS is that I'm unable to arrange multiple models of iPhones and the release requires testing the game on different models. Maybe I'd hire some beta-testers for testing on iOS. But this is my priority and hopefully it will be available on iOS soon.

This is not reliable

What do you mean? If you are having issues, feel free to contact us on Discord and we will try to sort them out for you.

Super8ballclub is stunning but also some issues

Big projects are big benefits.Thats another way to start me big way to for himself.This thing deserves attention. It has been the reason many new users are joining steemit! Where are the ones who remember our basic goal of making steemit big .

i following u and voted please follow me and vote for me

that is cool, offering coins for winning game, and nothing in return. but the verification system is quite tough.

Super8BallClub offers three ways of verification:

  • If reputation is below 60, a person is required to take his selfie while holding a piece of paper on which his steem username and game tracking name must be clearly visible. This method doesn't require any delegation.

  • If reputation is equal to or higher than 60, a person is only required to post his game tracking name. This method doesn't require delegation.

  • If a person don't want to show his face and his reputation is lower than 60, then he must delegate 25 SP to @super8ballclub. This is the only method that requires delegation since he is unable to give any selfie nor he is reputable.

Hi @princewahaj! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect 25.0 SP delegation to @super8ballclub..

@princewahaj congrats but i have a question the game has any referal program if it has then who it works and it has not then why not they adding it ?

The game has referral program. For referring each verified player, you get 1,000 coins and your referee gets 250 coins for using your name. Ask your friends to enter your "steemit username" when registering through the game.

@princewahaj is it live on internet or just offline?

It is an online multiplayer based game.

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@princewahaj this is great idea and interesting too.cheers for the success of Super8ballclub.

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carry on sir.

Thanks for sharing this post ,,i just glad to upvote ur post.
A lot of users simply ignored the game because they had to post their picture to be verified.
We understand most of the users on steemit want to stay anonymous and therefore we cane up with this new verification system of delegating 25 sp.
We made sure to keep the delegation amount as little as possible. We were thinking about keeping the delegation amount to 10sp but that would have lead to frauds as many users would have been able to delegate this little amount from multiple accounts.

Awesome it very much earning and playing at the same time..will surely join this when my sp is enough to delegate..already delegate to bots...haha...keep up the good work..

You can use the face verification method if you want to join, delegation is not required in that case.

tq for the info

@princewahaj can we earn while playing this. If yes than do let me know how to participate in it.

Yes, you can. To know how to participate, read the above post carefully.

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exbelente initiative friend

very nice game

@princewahaj congratulations sir, I am very glad to see your success post.keep it wishes

Upvoting for visibility. Seems like a problem for everyone if SEA servers aren’t implemented and looks like there is at least one solution to keeping everyone happy while Epic can also make money?

I can't wait to get started with this and I will be signing up tomorrow. This is going to be great for steemit and I will promote this on my posts for sure!

@princewahaj, the project really deserves to reach the masses. Really different. Nice job!

@princewahaj bro how you got success on steemit platform. Do share your experience and some of your valuable suggestions.

Author, you are a wonderful writer. I'm also an interesting writer
By the way.I subscribed to you .. I want you to subscribe to me too

Bhai agar PUBG ka game main koi multiplayer system ho wo bhi mobile main to batana bhai ....
Main to sir game main hi pada rehta gu har wakt...

Ji. Super8ballclub may register karlo aur STEEM/SBD win karo.

Really a great concept now i have joined Super 8 ball club. Please my blog i am new in this steem it platform.

I love the game !! And just made a post about it to let my followers know about @super8ballclub

Thank you @vcclothing. Much appreciated!

Since you used the #super8ballclub tag, you participated in our unlimited coins promotion where you will get 100 coins for every $ value. $100 worth of post will get you 10,000 coins and so on. We will calculate it when the post is paid out.

awesome thank you

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