Two Special Giveaways - Celebrating Eid Festival - Get 5,000 Coins For Registering OR Claim 25% Of Your Current Coins Balance! (Up-to 100,000 Coins)

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Hello Steemians!

Hope you are doing great and enjoying potting the balls at Super 8 Ball Club. It's the 3rd day of Muslims Eid festival, how can we forget you at this awesome festival? Never! Forget about the religions, it's all about celebrations and spreading the love. Put everything aside and let @princewahaj and all the Muslims community wish you and your family all the happiness of this world.

But wait, there should be something special for people, right? We've arranged two special promotions for this Eid festival which will last for 1 week from now. One of them is for people who are not yet registered and another one is for existing members. Let's go into a bit more details.

Super8BallClub V1.0.5

Register & Verify Your Gaming Account This Week & Get 5,000+ Extra Coins:

This promotion is for the general steemians who haven't yet registered OR verified their account. If you already made an account but didn't verify your account, just verify your account to claim this bonus. And if you've not registered to the game, simply download the game from Play Store, and register from there, then follow the verification procedure to get your promotional rewards.

The verification process is explained here

Get 25% Of Your Current Coins Balance OR Minimum 5,000 Coins:

This promotion is for existing gamers. All you need to do is to reply on this post OR hit me up on Discord and leave your claim request with the following information:

  • Your game tracking name
  • Current in-game coins balance

(If you've forgotten your tracking name, you can tell your email address). Reply to this post with the above information to get 25% of your current coins balance. If 25% counts to less than 5,000 coins, you will get 5,000 coins as a minimum but if you have for example 100,000 coins, then you'll get 25,000 coins from this promotional offer.

Note: The validity of these offers is 1 week. As soon as this post pays out, the offer will expire (which will happen after hitting 7 days period)

What are you waiting for? Claim your rewards now and enjoy gaming.

Want to see your fellow steemians in action? Come join the club today. Download Super8BallClub from Play Store. Win the matches to earn STEEM/SBD and lose nothing when otherwise. Powered by STEEM Blockchain. For more information, please read our announcement.


Thanks for the giveaway.
Tracking name: zarmanizawlinn
in-game coin balance: 1730 coins.

Hello @princewahaj ,
My tracking name is: sajib
My current coin is: 1690

thanks for giving offer
my Tracking name: elyas1
my current coin: 1540
yesterday my account is verified and i happy.

thanks. i have got dear.

my tracking : alaydroes83
current coin balance 0

Promotion expired as the post is more than 7 days old.

so how can i get a billiard coin to play

Watch ads, claim the daily rewards from the game, refer users and get 1,000 for each verified one, use our #super8ballclub tag promotion and win the games. Open the game, click on Shop tab and click on coins, you'll see some active promotions there.

okay, thanks for the [email protected], have a nice day 😊

My tracking name is: gamsam
Current coins: 150

Game tracking Id -SampathKumar
Balance coin-12600

@princewahaj I have still not received my coins and can u plz check

Interesting, would like to try it out but it's not on Google play store. Link is invalid when I click it, searching manually also fails. Happy Eid everyone!

You can hit me up on Discord for the APK file.

Google Play Store do not serve the game in some countries due to some regulation guidelines so maybe yours is one of them.

about how many days new in verification friends ... can not wait to try to play ... because my friend said that his name @dageh super8ballclub game is very exciting

Tracking name - Flemingfarm
Thanks for the bonus!!!

Hi! I still ban payout. How long? How many times a day can you get free coins?
My tracking name-jozef230
Balance coins 310

What do you mean? You are not banned man. It was just a reminder for those misusing the feature which is now taken back anyway. Also, that line is removed from the updates thread. It was not personally for you but a warning for people. You are not banned from anything and getting payouts as usual.

I don't understand your question. The validity of this offer is 7 days and it can be claimed only once. However, you can watch the ads, claim the rewards from daily rewards system of game, and refer other people to get 1,000 coins per verified one.

Then why can not I pay? I just won the match and nothing was added for winning? What are the changes?

How is that possible? DM me on discord so we could troubleshoot the issue. Probably you submitted the shares.

Giveaway coins are added.

My tracking name is pgupta81. Thanks for the post.

Hello @princewahaj
Tracking name - neemanbhat
Balance - 91840

Saw the attempt with the picture above.

Tracking name:- abhishek77
Current game coins is :- 5090

before his I congratulate the feast of Eid Fitr for my brothers brother wherever brothers are ...

well this is got me please in verification ....

minal aidzin walfaidzin apologize born and inner ....



Thanks for creating the account. Why your tracking name is 'dageh'? Too many users attempted to use this tracking name. However, it is systematically impossible to get the same tracking name for multiple users. Either it's a lie or you mistakenly wrote dageh there?

If it was a mistake, update a new selfie in your verification post with correct tracking name.

because my dageh friend ... and I was invited by dageh to play super8ballclub ... dageh is my close friend ... and I am his brother dageh ....

sorry if the language is less understood because I do not know English

Hey @princewahaj leader! My tracking Id : tahsin0223 and my current coin is : 57610
Thanks 😊

Eid mubarak @princewahaj
My tracking name - htetwaihin
Current coin balance - 240
thanks for giveaway..

Eid mubarak bro. Done!

Thanks for the giveaway.
Tracking name: aunggyi100
in-game coin balance: 114650

Amazing gifts!
Tracking name: warnas
in-game coin balance: 34820
Thank you so much! I love this game!!

Thanks for liking the game. Done!

My tracking name is Bilal
Current coins balance is 10600

My tracking name is iamgepe and my coins now 4240.
Thanks @princewahaj for celebrating eid and giveaway. Eid mobarak!

My tracking name is anamulhasan
Current coins balance is 51550 @princewahaj Eid Mubarak

Hello @princewahaj.
My tracking name is amryksr and I have a balance to date 16,840.


My tracking name is daisy and 3500 i have coins @princewahaj

My tracking name is masqood @princewahaj and i have 6000 coins
Amazing giveaway

Lovely presents!! This game is amazing 😊
Tracking name: mafaldation
Coin balance: 690

How come you have only 690 coins left? Have you lost all? :)

BTW, coins are added.

I was without playing much time. When I returned to play I lost almost everything :(
I was untrained!
Can you feel my pain? 😓
Thank u so much for the coins 😁

Yeah, I can understand :(

Wishing you EID MUBARAK @princewahaj.
My Tracking Id is: abubaker
Coins remaining: only 340

My tracking name is arbaz123. I have current balance of 9770.
Thank for your kindness and reward and Eid Mubarak.

my username - nahin007
Current coin balance is 20520
@Princewahaj sir

Hi @princewahaj. Wishing you Eid Mubarak.
My tracking id is: tasnim73 .
Coins remaining 2760.

tracking name: kayyam09
Current in-game coins balance: 1830

Hey @princewahaj.
My tracking id : lekhonkhan002 and my current coin 2800.
Thank you :)

Hi @princewahaj pls check again verify update post again

My tracking name is jack/fatany or email : [email protected]
Current coins balance is 3900

@princewahaj Thanks for the giveaway.
Tracking name: seyiodus
in-game coin balance: 1260 coins.

5,000 coins added. You'll see a claim dialog. Hit the claim button from there and enjoy.

BTW, your tracking name is 420557. I had your info on Discord so got your correct tracking name.

Wow! thanks. I have received it.
Truly, that was the tracking name I put there but It changed to my username.
I am bringing more people in.
Thanks again.

Thanks for the giveaway.
Tracking name: btcpmking
in-game coin balance: 15260 coins.
Eid Mubarak .Bro

Eid mubarak to you too, bro. Done!

This is so cool! Your awesome @princewahaj 😁
My tracking name: dwightjaden
My coins: 36800

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Tracking name : iabuse
Current coins: 132,780
Thank you and happy holidays ! :D

Done, and thanks for the wish :thumbsup:

Tracking name: destroyer33
in-game coin balance: 280

My tracking name. Kaniz
and coin balance is. 17100

Thank you. Happy Eid festival.
My tracking name on super8ballclub is mrheinkhantmaung.
Coin balance is 5900.

My tracking name is aungzawhtwe and my coins now 144430.
Thanks @princewahaj

My tracking name is Thant Zin.
Current coin balance is 13830.

my tracking name is sohrat and current coins 7310 ☺ @princewahaj and thank you for this amazing celebration of eid and giveaway.

Thank you for this gift, I don't know if cha or sweetcha my tracking name, when I register cha I use, but at the game sweetcha I saw, ...anyway here is my coins 1310 balance as of now. Belated Eid Mubarak @princewahaj😊

This comment was made from

Done, and thanks for the wish.

BTW, your tracking name is cha.

Thank you Prince, got it😊

This comment was made from

My tracking name is stejie93
My currett coint 3680
Thanks for @princewahaj

Thank for giveaway.
Tracking name-sheinthu
In-game coins balance-14720

Tracking name: destroyer33
in-game coin balance: 280

Hello @princewahaj
Tracking name: saiful.nizam
In-game coin balance : 170470

Happy Eid mubarak 🤗

Done. Eid mubarak to you too.


Please verification

You are now blacklisted for stealing the identity of someone else. The picture in your comment is used three times now and all of such attempts were failed.

Tracking name =tabs

thanks for the giveaway.
my Tracking name: chinmoydas
in-game coin balance: 1660 coins

my username - vcclothing
Current coin balance is 4290
Happy Eid festival :)

Done, thanks for the wish. Have a great day!

Tracking name : jenstar17
Coin balance: 940

username - rana19841
current balance - 5380

tracking name: saidqautsar
curent coin : 910

thanks to @princewahaj

Hi @princewahaj!

My Tracking name : saadnoor
Current Coin : 10780

Thanks for this offer

Tracking name: nizam
Current coins: 43900

Game tracking id- chetan2822
Balance coins -650

Hey @Princewahaj,
My unique tracking id :mehedihasa
My current coin 5550

hy my tracking name is Yasir i have few coins 2670 only @princewahaj

My tracking name is: anupbose
Present coin balance: 3120

EID MUBARAK @princewahaj
I'm new user of your super 8 ball club. I've posted the verification post.
my tracking ID: abdullahmunsur
Link is:

hey @princewahaj
My steemit name :shtarek
My unique tracking id :shtarek
thank you

hey @princewahaj
my steemit name : shtarek
my current pool coin 1350 & my unique tracking id :shtarek

tracking name: @funb
my coin balance is :770

Hello @princewahaj thanks for the service and gift.
My Tracking name is : Ivan
and current coin balance is : 127990.

My tracking name is @misabbbir
My coin balance is : 550
Thanks for this service and gift

Hey sir thank you for the verification
My tracking name- muhammadyasir994
Coins total=5600

You already got the giveaway coins. Whoever registered during this period got his giveaway coins. Read the post carefully.

my tracking name is imranps and current coins [email protected] princewahaj

excellent initiative, for all those who like to have fun and at the same time earn money

Thank you! Looking forward to having you in our super club.

Dear sir,
I'm a new user in steemit and also new in Your amazing android game super 8 ball club. I posted my verification post of super 8 ball club.
My unique tracking Id is- borshon95
Please verify my account. Link is:

Tracking name : jyotir
Coins balance 880