Super8BallClub - The Most Profitable For Delegators On The Entire STEEM Blockchain - Comparison with Utopian, Steemhunt and DTube - A Call For Delegation!

Did you know that Super 8 Ball Club is the most profitable and the only project on the entire STEEM blockchain that gives massive profit to the delegators? Ever compared the profits of Super 8 Ball Club with all other projects on the STEEM blockchain? At this very moment, let me make it clear that I am referring to the applications built on STEEM blockchain, so please exclude the voting bots from your projects list.

Super 8 Ball Club
Super8BallClub's Official Website | Google Play Store

At first, a little introduction snippet of our project from our main post in case you don't know about us:

What is Super 8 Ball Club?

Super 8 Ball Club is an android game that I developed in c# and javascript with my friend. It is the first ever multiplayer-based pool game which allows you to earn STEEM for winning the matches and costs you nothing when you get beaten by your opponent. You know what's the great part? All the players will be Steemians playing with each other in multiplayer mode.

The game is multiplayer-based and can only be played against steemians. The game has an in-game shop and some of the gamers rated it as the most addictive game. There are literally 800 to 1,200+ games being played every day. If you're not the part of our club, read how to register and verify from this post.

The most important purpose of the game is to attract millions of gamers to the STEEM blockchain. Do you know that we are targeting 100 Million Gamers? Our game is similar to 8 Ball Pool of Miniclip which has more than 100 Million Downloads from the Google Play Store only and what's more? At Super 8 Ball Club, not only we are successful in attracting some gamers from that audience so far, we give everyone an opportunity to earn STEEM and SBD for their winnings. That's the most important part and that's how we could achieve MORE THAN 100 million downloads, but that's only possible with your support.

Since the project is built on STEEM Blockchain, we fund our game's reward pool through the votes. In order to make our vote valuable, we obviously need delegation. Thanks to @tombstone @donkeypong and @lukestokes for being the Top 3 delegators so far that contributed in 33,500 SP delegation. But those delegations came when the user-base of the game was small and there were little gamers, the delegations arrived when the STEEM price was stable. But now as the growth is exploded and we have around 1,000 gamers, the delegation of 33,500 SP is not enough to reward the time of gamers.

Back to our original topic, you may not have enough time to compare the profits of Super 8 Ball Club with other projects by yourself, and believe it, when I said that this is the most profitable and the only project that gives massive profit, I only did after a lot of research and proper calculations. Super 8 Ball Club gives around 300% more profits than other major projects such as @utopian-io, @steemhunt etc. Don't believe me, just believe in the numbers and feel free to calculate yourself.

Before moving to the comparison part, let us make it clear that we are not trying to make those projects look useless or talk crap, not at all. These projects have helped the STEEM Blockchain so much with their innovative ideas and we admire them for what they've done. This post is only an attempt to prove that Super 8 Ball Club has the most profitable Profit Sharing Program than any other project on the chain. If you're one of those project's owner, don't feel offended or something like that, there is no such agenda or intention.

Comparison Of Profits For Delegators:

We'll compare the delegation profits of @super8ballclub with @utopian-io, @steemhunt, and @dtube. It's pretty much obvious that all other projects offer fewer profits than the above three projects but we stand on the 1st rank in terms of being most profitable.

Super 8 Ball Club VS Utopian:

It's essential to pick one delegator from both projects and for the sake of simplicity, we are choosing @freedom from @utopian-io and @tombstone from @super8ballclub for comparison of delegation profits. First of all, let's find out how much they delegated:

UsernameUtopianSuper 8 Ball Club
@freedom1,230,000 SP Delegated
@tombstone-25,057 SP Delegated

Looking at the @utopian.wallet history (account from where @utopian-io sends sponsor rewards, it's pretty clear that they transferred 500 STEEM to @freedom yesterday for his delegation.

At Super 8 Ball Club, the profits delivery mechanism is a bit different than all other projects and takes some time but the accumulated profits that are to be sent are fixed. Last week, @tombstone earned around 42 STEEM for his delegation. Let's compare the last week's delegation profit through the table.

UsernameUtopianSuper 8 Ball ClubProfit
@freedom1,230,000 SP-500 STEEM
@tombstone-25,055 SP43 STEEM

It's time to find out how much profit each delegated SP gives. In order to find it out, we can divide the last week's profit with the delegated SP and the profit of 1 SP will come out for both projects.

1 SP profit = Last week's profit/Delegated SP

The following table compares 1 SP Profit from both projects and the difference column shows the % comparison.

UsernameUtopian (1 SP)S8BC (1 SP Profit)% Difference
@freedom0.0004 SP--300% (DOWN)
@tombstone-0.0016 SP+300% (UP)

The above table shows that Super 8 Ball Club gives 300% more profits than Utopian since @freedom received 500 STEEM for 1,230,000 SP delegation in Utopian and @tombstone accumulated 42 STEEM for 25,057 SP delegation in Super 8 Ball Club. (For example: If @freedom would have delegated 1,230,000 SP to @super8ballclub, he would have accumulated 2,000 STEEM last week).

Super 8 Ball Club VS Steemhunt:

The same mechanism as above, we need to pick one delegator from both projects. Luckily, there is @tombstone in both projects as a delegator and he delegated almost the same SP to both projects. Looks simpler to choose him for delegation profits comparison. Let's compare the last week's delegation profit through the table.

Source of SteemHunt data: Sponsor Report 9

UsernameSteemHuntSuper 8 Ball ClubProfit
@tombstone25,053 SP-12.55 STEEM
@tombstone-25,055 SP43 STEEM

It's unnecessary to find out the profit of 1 SP here as the delegated SP is almost the same. But if you want, let's do that:

UsernameSteemHunt (1 SP)S8BC (1 SP Profit)% Difference
@tombstone0.00047 SP--240% (DOWN)
@tombstone-0.0016 SP+240% (UP)

The above table shows that Super 8 Ball Club gives 240% more profits than SteemHunt since @tombstone received 12 STEEM for 25,053 SP delegation in SteemHunt and he accumulated 42 STEEM for 25,057 SP delegation in Super 8 Ball Club. That's 240% more than what he received from SteemHunt.

Super 8 Ball Club VS DTube:

As far as we know, DTube doesn't have any specific profit sharing program, they follow the curation rewards mechanism but manipulated the way the profit is delivered. They deliver the curation reward in STEEM rather than SP. So by default, it doesn't make sense to compare the profits of Super 8 Ball Club with DTube as the profits are obviously low.

Super 8 Ball Club gives out all of the Author SP Rewards to the delegators which are 37.5% of the value of post whereas DTube follows the curation mechanism from where a person can get more than 25% of the value of post but that too with the voting competition whereas we don't have to care about voting competition at Super 8 Ball Club.

But let's do a simple math from @tombstone voting history. He voted with 7% voting weight on this post. Based on the current power, 7% translates to around $3.23 in value. Looking at the wallet history of @tombstone, he received 0.534 STEEM. The current price of STEEM is $1.62, so 0.534 STEEM means $0.865 in value. It means he got 27% of the post value. The profit would be 38% higher with Super 8 Ball Club since we give out 37.5% of the value of the post.

The final output is that Super 8 Ball Club is 38% more profitable than DTube. Let's not forget that the profits from DTube depend on the curation timing and other complex things. Since the STEEM was pretty low last week (at around $1.25) and the STEEM reward pool calculated the reward of that post based on the average price feed, it gave more STEEM/SP in curation which resulted in higher profits based on the current value of STEEM.

Final Results:

Super 8 Ball Club is 300% more profitable than Utopian, and 250% more profitable than SteemHunt and 38% more profitable than DTube. The results are obtained by calculating the last week's sponsor rewards, and the source of data is mentioned everywhere. There could be a small error in the calculation for rounding things since all those calculations are done manually, but consider it 99% accurate.

Delegate to @super8ballclub and Get The Most For Your Delegated SP:

Please consider delegating to @super8ballclub so that we could reach more users and could work actively on the further development of this project. You know gaming is huge for any blockchain, and if it's on STEEM, it's more beneficial. There are more than 100 million potential users out there, waiting for your support on this project.

You can delegate to us by using the links below.

500 SP, 1000 SP, 5000 SP, 25000 SP, 100000 SP.
Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

However, if you want to delegate more, please edit "25000" to the amount of SP you want to delegate without any special character (i.e 500000 for 500K SP) from this link:

No, we don't want you to un-delegate from those other projects, actually, we would encourage you to delegate even more to them if you like, since we all are trying to help STEEM Ecosystem to grow, without any exception. We just request your delegation to our project and try us out, since it's the most profitable and targeting 100 million potential users. There is a lot of idle SP in whale's accounts. Won't you like to accumulate more profits? Then there seems no point to keep the funds idle. Delegate it to @super8ballclub.

This is an important request and delegation is what decides our future. You won't like to see the project as dead which is targeting 100 million users and that too with an awesome multiplayer game, would you? If you have something to suggest, please don't hesitate. We'll do our part of cooperation and similarly, we request your cooperation.

Profit Delivery System:

As you know that we give all the Author SP rewards of the post to the delegators, it's pretty clear that rewards come in SP. We then power-down those SP and deliver 1/13th of the profits every week. For example, @tombstone last week's transaction was 18 STEEM, that's after summing up all the previous week's share + last week's share.

For the last week, his per-transaction profit was 3.33 STEEM, and to find an actual value of how much he accumulated last week, multiply 3.33 STEEM with 13 = 43.27 STEEM profit in the last week. But due to the power-down process, only 3.33 STEEM is delivered to him yet (out of 43.27). It takes 13 weeks for us to deliver the last cent of your profits and we do with complete honesty and punctuality. For more information about our profits delivery system and profit sharing program, please read this post.

Note: All the usernames are mentioned just for the sake of profits calculation, for giving simple examples.

Thank you for spending your precious time reading this post. We are looking forward to having your delegation. Let's work for the betterment of STEEM Ecosystem together since our vision is the same as you. The success of all of these projects would be the success of STEEM blockchain and that would be a success for all investors as STEEM will explode and reach the moon.


great project👍

@super8ballclub is clearly the best rewarding system for the sponsors, yet it has only @tombstone as the major sponsor.
@super8ballclub has almost 1000 users, it is targeting 100 million online pool gamers and it is the reason hundreds of new accounts have been created on steemit but still there is little to no support for this project.

Thank you @syedumair.

At the time of the announcement, @thejohalfiles told us in the comments section that he might consider studying our profit sharing program and delegating to us in the future. I am hopeful that we receive some more delegation from any whale out there.

Everyone likes to have more return on delegation and so the whales. The comments section is full of gamers recommending all the whales to delegate to this project as these people find a lot of value in this project including you.

If we could attract 1,000 users with current delegated SP, imagine what can we achieve when we get 100k to 500k SP delegation!

@super8ballclub Has became very active and has had so many new players that keep on joining ! If any whale out there is delegating to Utopian, Steemhunt and DTube, I highly consider delegating to this project that has been highly successful with keeping the game updated with minor bug issues, payouts etc... And of course u will receive more on ur return for delegating here than any other project out there! :D

We truly appreciate your comment and support.

What a brilliant explanation. I am so surprised to see the numbers! If the system can offer so much to delegators why are they not a part of it so far? I really want to congratulate you on creating this system and making it a system which considers everyone, Top to bottom. Hats off.

@neemanbhat plz upvote and comment my post

Stop spamming or you'll get a downvote from me.

One of the funniest and best ways to earn steem. I have been a player since the beginning of the game 👌🖤

steemit for the time coming in a good platform

We are very glad to have you @princewahaj.
When I was a new comer in steemit I worried about earning steem and SBD. But Super 8 Ball Club game has released my tension.
Now I'm earning steem and SBD by playing Super 8 Ball Club and become confident. All credit goes to you @princewahaj vai.
The game is developed day by day and there is massive growth of users happening.
Good Luck for this great project development.
I think the game can successfully achieved its goal.
Wish you all the best.

Thank you for the compliment. Together we'll go to the moon!

still loving this game, really it is one of the best steem blockchain based game, I have earned from this game in total 30+sbd...also for dalegator by delegate sp, they can earn 300% than what utopian gives out...realy it's best profitable project for delegator.

Thank you, it's a pleasure to have you in the club. Just a small correction, 300% more than what Utopian gives out.

ow thank you bro...updated

Love you guys,for creating such offers for steemians.i hope it will go further

east or west super8ball is the best

I really love this creation i just love this game
Its a good oppurtunity for the delegators,and many peoples are intrested to delegate and make this game more powerful. i m one of the earliest member of this game and i saw many changes and improvements in this game day by day and this is so impressive.

upvoted with 35 % .

A good start!

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This is another thing on Steem that I will have to work my way into. I hadn't even heard of this at all yet. I've only been here about 2 months but this looks to be something interesting. The amount of gaming downloads you have is staggering. It is growing faster than you can keep up with. That sounds like a good thing to invest in when that happens as long as there is a catalyst of delegations that come rolling in.

Yeah even with less delegations we have around 1200+ players on the game. They deserve more rewards and that is exactly what the delegators should look at. Great to see you interested in this promising project.

It's really awesome thinking to do. Keep going.

Nice project, you got a 89.0% @super8ballclub upgoat!!!

I love your explanation thank you

Am the super magician in this game no one can defeat me

ow really? i like to play with you join super 8ballclub discord

She is not even registered.

We have good players here. Join with your friends and we will be happy for more competition. 😂

So you are saying to delegate to super8ballclub?

Yep, to support us and to earn the most profits at the same time.

I don't understand this very well.

But can someone tell me if it would be a good idea to delegate 50sp ?

The minimum SP for participating in our profit sharing program is 500 SP.

You can register to the game, and verify your account by delegating 25 SP. For more information on how to register and verify:

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You got a 46.34% upvote from @upmewhale courtesy of @super8ballclub!

Earn 100% earning payout by delegating SP to @upmewhale. Visit for details!

Keep in touch and see how it makes a move.

Interesting, is anyone can participate on this rewarding system? :)

alright, thanks for the confirmation bud :)

Anyone can be a part of this great system, Join, play and win games and request for your payouts 😉

amazing! Thanks bud, yeah. Very interesting :)

@super8ballclub,It's a really good and especially thank to you introduce with us.

You are welcome! Just stick around and this is a great project.

DTube is not a good platform against steemit . Steemit a supar information provide

How much it takes to receive the rewards in steem?

We rely on the author rewards. If the rewards of the payout posts come in SBD, we transfer SBD to winners' wallets. If it pays STEEM and SBD like it is happening currently, we transfer SBD and STEEM (both) to winners' wallets.

If you meant how much time it takes to process the payout after shares request, then it's 7-8 days after you see your name in the winners announcement.

Sounds good, but how can i (or any minnow with a really, really small sp) participate?
Its been a solution for a new, small accounts?

What do you mean? If you want to play the game, it's free and available on Google Play Store. See the links in the post above.

Ok, its clear, i tought the delegation. My bad, my english is not so good.

Thats ok we are here to help

I cant downloading the app, the store say, unknown fail.

It is available on google playstore

  • Download Super 8 ball club.
  • Register and follow the verification process.

Maybe you're from the country where games like Super 8 Ball Club are banned.

Hit me up on Discord for external download link:

@super8ballclub I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a UPVOTE & FOLLOW and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!

please verify my account

Please be patient. The official timeframe is 24 to 72 hours.

I congratulate the brains behind this game. Thumbs up

Can the game be played on a mobile platform

Sure, Nox Player is working well with it so far, but no official guarantees for performance.

project is extra ordinary and revolution of the blockchain technology. i think steem blockchain technology explore and very soon reach the moon. steem coin sustained the top 5 crypto currency.

Hoping for the same brother

so good article dude

Are there any ways to assure users that the ad services you partner with are prevented from running malicious code on users' phones? I like the idea of ad revenue for a sustainable income source for the game, but I cannot help but feel that malicious actors would love to target the phones of people they know are already involved/invested in cryptocurrency.

We are using the AdMob (partnered with Google Adsense) and they check their ads before showing them into publisher's projects, as far as I know.

I see, I am not sure about AdMob's specific track record but I know that there are many documented cases of malware injected through ads in the past, so it is something to be aware of, thanks.

plz upvote and comment my post

how does 8 ball calculate rewards and how is actually the reward created ?

When you win the matches in Super 8 Ball Club, you earn coins and shares. Coins are used to bet that you can win and lose on the tables. Shares, on the other hand, cannot be lost once earned.

Shares are convertible to STEEM or SBD. All you need is to request your rewards from the game. All of your shares will be submitted to us and we will start manual verification of the gaming activity to find out if there was any kind of fraud attempt. If not, you'll see your name in the winners announcement that is posted daily from @super8ballclub.

The rewards come from the voting activity. We vote the distribution comments and as soon as they pay out after 7 days, we transfer the money to winners wallets. Check @super8ballclub for example and its wallet history.

For more information, read these posts:

and the FAQ post:

wirklich sehr Interesant

I don't understand all the jargon, but damn I wanna join this game! I'm off to your link to sign up as this looks a brilliant idea. Definitely worth a resteem too. Good luck with this.

Looking forward to having you as one of the active members in Super8BallClub.

Play, win and earn STEEM.

It sounds great, just getting around some compatibility problems but will be signed up soon. As soon as I am signed up I will shouting about this.

Looking forward to see you on this platform. We would love to have people like you supporting the project.

I am looking forwards to getting started too. Only problem is that my phone isn't compatible and my laptop is running windows. I am going to find a way but if you know of any way I can use android on my laptop that would be great. Gonna try and fire the old Kindle 7 up and see if I can get it on there.

Hello Sir, Please verify my account.IMG_20180705_103643.jpg

Awesome, thanks very much. I have made a delegation. Now to try out the game. Also all the best for the future!!

Thankyou brother!

You need to create an account and post from this account including your game tracking name so that we could enable your account in the game. Thank you!

really awesome

Keep up the good work.
Play, win and earn.

very nice concept.Sir, I would really appreciate if you can support people like us. Your little help will help us grow too.

Join the game, play and earn STEEM. Use those STEEM for your growth on this platform and enjoy!

Steemit is a revolutionary idea that will bring freedom and independence to many. What we have seen is just the start. When there are millions here a whole new economy will open up. Its been fun so far and I'm excited to see what happens next.

I also join this site. great post sir.

It is an amazing platform for minnows like us.

@super8ballclub great idea to earn.more steem and steem power keep it up

Excellent friend @super8ballclub I love the information shared and developed in your post ... Every day I learn a little more about you ... From #venezuela supporting your work with my #vote and my #reesteem as always .. blessings

It's so much beneficiary project and can be easily viral I think so..and myself Shailendra Singh from Nepal

Thanks for post .

Super8ballclub Sir, your blog is great, in which you have explained in detail with a big stick, Sir please help me

lo malo de esto es que esto esta dirigido para delfines, orcas y ballenas seria mucho mejor si fuera dirigido a los plantons como yo al principio estaba interesado en unirme asta que vi que tenia que delegar 33sp pero lo daría si pudiera pero como planton apenas tengo 2sp llegue con esfuerzo y no quiero renunciar a ello asi que seria mejor que esto fuera dirigido a los plantos en mi opinión

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

it is interesting, I will join them

Me encanta!!Acabo instalar el juego y esta genial!! :)

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