in #supportlast year

Hello Good evening, how is you; I think this finds you well.
Am here to express my desire of more people I have met face to face while am requesting them to come and stand with to support and help the needy children in my community. IMG_20200204_151223.jpg
But I experienced a challenge of more people telling that through helping and supporting those needy children what going to get or what is the outcomes you’re benefiting from those charity projects or programs
I answered them that to help or to support someone in danger doesn’t need to have more money in our houses and you start helping and support them.
I listed to them the benefits am gaining and what I receive from our mighty lord.

  1. Blessings
  2. Holy spirit covering my body because of those needy children praying for me
  3. More friends
  4. Good image am leaving behind of my back
  5. Good co-operation with the community members and more others
    So I would like to than each and everyone who have been praying, helping and supporting these children’s especially my mentor @Achim through using #nobels I have managed to take back more needy children to school. Thank you Mr. Achim
    Therefore I call each and every one to come and stand with me through helping these needy children through;
  6. School requirements
  7. School feed
  8. School Fees or tuition
  9. Food
  10. And more others to come and stand with me.
    Thank you for your time you have used to read my post I will be very grateful to receive positive consideration from you .
    God bless you abundantly