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RE: Support minnows , Date 7.3.2018 promote content on Steemit.

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Yeaaah! Congratulations to the beneficiaries for today.
God bless at @yoo1900 for this act which I term "sustainable development"

Hello Followers of @yoo1900, I am your boy @penking and I am here to render a crucial service. I think I'd call myself Personal Assistant to @yoo1900 on Public Relations and Interractions 😃 I hope I'm officially given that post one day. For now, let me just be "self-acclaimed"

What's my job?
Very Simple! @yoo1900 is busy with more important and very sensitive issues and therefore I will answer any question anyone has here. I will try my best to give my best shot at attempting to answer it. So let's get along with it.


Good, someone is doing this job. Hope you get the seat of this post. And provide much better service 2hich you are doing now.

Yes! Hopefully

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