Introduction about My_Self in Steemit Newbie here & also Online Marketer too

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Hello Steemit Family,

First of all i'm really excited to be part of Steemit as an online marketer. Pretty pumped to be on here & FINALLY post my introduction.

Introduction About Myself:
I'm Suresh Bhuvan from India. I'm working into Online Marketing from Past 5 years &
i'm enjoying earning money from Various Types of Online Sources like
Passive Income, Crypto Trading, Affiliate Marketing, Rev Shares, Matrices, ICOs, Cyclers & many other programs
but among them Crypto Trading & Passive Income are the main sources these days.

I'm Currently in Living in Hyderabad, South India &
I'm also working into Pega Systems which is my Offline Job.
My Day-To-Day Life is Working in my Routine works, daily job, Spend time in Social Networking Sites for Crypto Assets & Passive Income & I like to talk with many friends from across the globe.
I like Watching Sports, Entertainment, Listening to Music Albums, Playing Sub- Continent Sports & Other Activities.

Here my main aim is to get more friends especially from various online sources like Steemit & Other
Here my goal is that the most of steemit users need to share my work & to learn from & also to engage with the community here.

In past i was really nervous to join in these type of sites & even a little nervous writing posts
But, Finally I am really excited to join a large community that seem to be full of encouraging & a positive individuals here in this community.

Finally this is my Pic
That's all about me
Look forward to connecting!


Hi Suresh. I'm visiting you because I appreciate your dropping a comment on my jogging post. You have a very nice intro post but low visibility due to I suspect tagging issues. If you are open to suggestion I would advise you to do another intro post with introduceyourself as the first tag. Second tag use untalented and third steemit. You can choose anything for the last 2 tags. Hopefully you can get more people to see your post. Good luck and welcome to Steemit.

Thanks for your suggestions friend.

Very nice post