Wow great features!

that great,,, hope this improvement make all that easy, fast, and economic...

those are all pretty awesome, I think all of those features are handy and improvements.

For multiple accounts I use different browsers so not to login and out of every account but this is far more elegant. Also private messages are a very cool feature that I didn't know about.

'Private comments' feature seems really cool, so have to check out surfer now.

I love the editing after 7 days feature, I really can't wait for all apps to have this feature!

We ( @barbara-orenya & @luigi-the-gnome) love the multi account access !! And also the scheduling is so very handy and work perfectly now ! ;-)
Thanks for your hard work !

Also my top 5 reasons as well for using Surfer :)

May 11 (3 months, 11 days) is the day when the surfer esteem is released and continues to develop so fast and perfect. The 5 reasons above are the result of extraordinary development. Thank you sir @good-karma and esteem team.

Hi @good-karma,
If you use scheduling feature on surfer, do you get URL of the post immediately or only after the post is published?

Thank you for not stopping improving eSTEEM.

Спасибо Вам, что не перестаете улучшать eSTEEM.

It was interesting to read your top and see from your point of view! Inspired and would like to write my own top as well!
By the way, download link is leading to 1.1.11 instead of 1.1.12 :)

Best wishes to the team behind the @esteem surfer you guys are making something beautiful more reliable, fastest and best in the class of security with an abundance of new loaded features.

This can't be happen without your restless round the clock efforts, so we all the users of @esteem surfer wish you congratulations for making this awesome and fantastic.

You guys are truly amazing and awesome.

For me, the most important and heart touching is encrypted mode chatting with desired one, another one is notifications of account activities. Multi-account access is another beautiful part of this development which is very useful and making this app awesome. Another one is making our favorite authors section.
These are some of among the abundance of beautiful features of @esteem surfer.

very good and satisfying work

A great post..thank you for sharing this👍

Interesting information, especially for those of us who are starting on this page

Hola soy de Venezuela, me gusta mucho esta aplicación y casi todas mis publicaciones las edito a traves de Surfer. En la personal 1) Me gusta su apariencia amigable y sus colores relajantes. 2) Me notifica las actividades relacionadas con mis publicaciones. 3) El soprte a los usuarios que participamos en ella en genial y constante. 4) Puedo acceder desde mi telefono y desde mi Pc. 5)Tiene una opción donde presenta post similares a los que estoy leyendo lo que aumenta mi experiencia como usuario.

I am so excited by all that you guys are doing. Surfer is the best. I'm still waiting to be able to use it on Chromebook. Or even better for web based!

We haven't forgotten about that ;)

I fully trust you!! And I am perfectly happy on the app. Just a little jealous of Surfer users when I hear all these great things that are happening there!😃

No, I don't follow eSteem development. What is Surfer?

OK, I looked it up, but could you add something like "Surfer, the eSteem desktop app" for clarity?

Would love to have a spell checker in post creation. Is that in the works?

I also this app because its so easy to use.

Esteem is a nice app. With this I can work on steemit from any place. Great job @good-karma.

Hi @good-karma! We are @steem-ua, a new Steem dApp, computing UserAuthority for all accounts on Steem. We are currently in test modus upvoting quality contributions with a high UA value! Nice work!

What do you mean by User Authority and its value?

@mukhtarilyas, extraordinary renewal of esteem ya @good-karma, I as your followers must learn a lot. To be able to innovate in esteem. Thank you, hopefully your project will always be successful and beneficial for your witnesses

I use surfer too.. it's cool!

I must have a look tonight . Is it available on Mac ?

Yes, eSteem Surfer is available for Mac, Linux and Windows users, check it out and let me know how it works out ;)

High time I give the esteem App a go. This is wonderful by the way, at least from what I can see

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Yeah I have been using it a bit. I am liking what I see so far. Thanks for your hard work and I look forward to seeing how it progresses!

Wow! @good-karma the software looks to be having great features i feel like trying it

Thank you @good-karma
All surfers are good and useful. what I often use are:
2.private comments (encrypted)

One of the best developments for working in steem.

What is Surfer?
I want to know about ir.

This is so nice and I love it since it has the capacity if monitoring several accounts. This very feature is too good for the aspect of commenting and posting.
Nice one

thank you @good karma for the information.

Thanks very much for eSteem Surfer.

I've been "talking it up" at my blog ever since @surfermarly turned me on to it yesterday.

I am wondering, however, about what appears to be the absence of a vote power adjusting slider? Maybe I need to read some documentation...

NOTE: P.S. Nevermind, I discovered the (very intuitive) right-click way to access a vote slider.

In any case, I love the other features I've discovered; especially editing older posts and access to file history.

Thanks so much!



All of those features are very handy and useful especially 4 & 5.
Can i suggest a spell check in the near future :)
Thank you for your great work making life easier.

ho ho ho ...lets see if i can use it. im intrigued by this surfer.

and hey will this be accessible in the browsers sometime soon?
thank you have a lovely day!

Wow i like it

Hi @good-karma,

I really like using esteem app, but when I am using it in my ipad, it logout automatically. One time I was writing a post, i went to my notepad app to copy my footer, when I return to esteem it was already logged out, I lost all what I had written. If you left it for a few minutes, the account will be logged out. I hope you can fix it.

How are you @good-karma? Its good to see how great you have Steemit interest at heart. I'm a new comer here. Still trying to find my way around. Hope you can help.

Esteem is a very cool application and I really like the surfer software too. 👍

that was a great post of yours
good to go with surfer

Thanks sir,for giving this information.

It is certainly a tool that has allowed me to grow and work in a more professional way the editing of my publications. Receive my affections @good-karma

Share you do, and congratulations on a good job you 🤗

Interesante conocer mas sobre los adelantos y avances de esta maravillosa aplicación. Asi todos estamos al dia con ello. Gracias por compartilo. Saludos desde Venezuela. / Interesting to know more about the advances and advances of this wonderful application. So we are all up to date with it. Thanks for sharing. Greetings from Venezuela!

I love the idea of the private comments and scheduling posts ahead of time. Will check it out!

thats great for notification !! ill try it

Can some one tell me who i can ask for help about eSeem Surfer like a help link or button there are a few questions i need to ask. Thank you :)

This is really a great step forward. I like it very much! Thanks for the work!

This is the first time I encounter eSteem and it seems featuring ease of steeming.

I just to share that steemit is really a great community, despite the bearish period, still a lot of people helps to improve this community to better. This is just one reason we should stay.

Thank you @good-karma.

I have not installed esteem-surfer app yet, but your post has conviced me I should do that and try it. Thanks for sharing, @good-karma. You have my resteem, eventhough the post is from 8 days ago.

These are all good, I love them but unfortunately after the last update notifications are not working properly.

espero me apoye visitando mi blog,siempre le doy mi humilde voto y no me ha visitado,soy de venezuela ,busco generar ingresos en este trabajo,saludos y cuento con usted

im gonna download esteem app and start using it, for that you got my Upvote and resteem

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