How the world will change after COVID19

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What will the future look like post COVID19? Snowden said in an interview this week that right now the system we live under is so stressed that we’re in a position to make not just reformative changes, but revolutionary changes.

Which changes are reasonable to expect and which are wishful thinking? I give my predictions.

Decentralization of the workforce will create a more profound and sweeping change than people realize.

Software and biotech will continue to thrive.

And there will be a tremendous loss of privacy. We’re actually in a precarious position where encryption is threatened, and surveillance tech is taking the front seat. Technology used in the name of contact tracing today will be capabilities that continue to exist for surveillance tomorrow. The intrusion we will allow into our digital lives during this time of crisis will live on long after the crisis has ended. So any policy that demands backdoor access to our devices or data should be categorically shut down. Anonymous tracing is completely feasible, and trying to push for government back doors is irresponsible and will cost lives. The future after COVID may be an exciting decentralized one, or an Orwellian surveillance one. The choice is partly ours, determined by which decisions we allow to be made today.

What about the economy, hygiene, and systematic collapse? I go into my predictions, and would love to know yours. Please write them in the comments!

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Thought you may be interested to watch the short James Corbett vid
only 8:14
Personally I do not believe recent events have anything whatsoever to do with a deadly virus, I see it purely as a power grab