Protest Surveillance: What We Can Learn From Hong Kong

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Many protestors fear they will be tracked and targeted for their involvement in the protests. Our cell phones are portable tracking devices that we carry around with us everywhere, and facial recognition software is incredibly advanced these days. While some people are glad the police can track people, because they want those who have been violent or looting to be apprehended, others are concerned. Protesting is a protected right in America, and peaceful protestors should be allowed to exercise their free speech without fear of retaliation.

We don’t know yet how this will turn out, how many protestors will be apprehended, and how many peaceful protestors will be targeted. One place that has protested police brutality and dealt with surveillance and tracking of protestors is Hong Kong. It is one of the most technologically savvy protests we’ve seen: What can we learn from the surveillance and counter-surveillance measures used there?

Most surveilled cities:

What’s really going on in Hong Kong:

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