Indigenous Microorganism 2 aka IMO 2

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Stabilizing the indigenous microorganisms

As I typically do, I will first direct you to alternate and in my opinion more educational resources that have helped me and hopefully help you in the sustainable processes for (Korean) Natural Farming. In this case I will share some information on Indigenous Microorganisms 2:

In order to preserve the biology I collected from my IMO 1 collection, I needed to add equal weight sugar to the now inoculated rice in a sanitized jar within an hour.

First, I weighed my collection and then used a sanitized container; clay or glass is preferred here.


I then weighed an equal amount of unprocessed sugar to IMO 1.

  • Be mindful to use rice that is visibly inoculated here i.e. clumps with visible mycelium/mold. I got too excited and added all the rice not taking in account how dry my collection was. I'm collecting in a desert going through a historic drought. I simply removed the really dry sugar later to solve the issue of too much sugar. It was extremely apparent as to how much sugar to remove ie I left the visibly darkened/moist sugar.


I gently massaged the sugar and IMO 1 until the collection was completely covered with sugar, and the texture has gone from dry, to pasty/sticky.

  • Be sure to clean the rim and exterior of the container, to not attract pests.

I covered the lid with a couple of paper towels, and secured with a rubber band.

I waited a few days for the IMO 2 to settle before using.


IMO 2 Notes:

  • IMO 1 collections that have more than 10% of many colors that are not white should NOT be made into IMO 3, however should be turned into IMO 2 as a compost starter for example, just not applied to plants, or human occupied areas
    Bubbles in IMO2 while in storage indicates the collection is failing, and should be used as a compost starter

  • If IMO 2 is old and drying out, finger spritz it with water

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