Making Water Soluble Calcium Phosphate

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Making Water Soluble Phosphate with Brown Rice Vinegar

Using Charred Mammal Bones and Brown Rice Vinegar

Do Not Use White Vinegar

I collected the bones of a large mammal. They were the remaining bones from earlier in the year when the Goats, on this property I'm currently on, were 'harvested' for meat.


When collecting bones for WCAP, be mindful to:

Not use:

  • hollow bones, ie bird bones
  • teeth
  • eggshells


  • Weight bearing bones are best
  • Sun dried, bleached, pasture bones are preferable
  • You can use bones from the grocery. Clean by boiling

I used my BBQ to char the bones at 450°-500° F until they were completely black all the way through. By charring the bones I changed the physical properties of the bones and removed any organic matter in the process


I turned the bones every 15-30 minutes to char them evenly. This will take 4-6 hours typically.


I knew they were done when I saw there was no tan or browning, indicating not burned enough, taking away the ability for storage on the shelf. The white edges are ok, indicating that the bones are starting to go to ash.



I used a sterilized jar when I added one part charred bones to ten parts Brown Rice Vinegar, do not use white vinegar.

A chemical reaction happened between the vinegar's acidity and the alkalinity of the Calcium, that released the Calcium Phosphorus bonds until the vinegar was saturated. This reaction is visible by bubbles.

I simply kept the lid loose on my jar to allow extraction to 'breathe' but a breathable lid such as a paper towel secured with a rubber band or plastic lid is fine. At this point I labeled and dated the container.


It takes 7-10 days typically for the bubbles to stop or reduce significantly that will indicate the vinegar has reached its saturation point.

I strained the jar with a hemp coffee filter that is porous into a sterilized jar. You can also use a cheesecloth or fine mesh. I stored using an air tight lid. If done properly this will have no rotting smell and smells like vinegar.


I feel really good about this extraction.


This will store indefinitely in a cool dark room/cabinet.

This is one of many inputs that I will be using for an upcoming type of Compost called IMO4.


(Video from Chris Trump's YouTube channel.)

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