Sustainable Agriculture with Korean Natural Farming

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Korean Natural Farming

Sustainability to Farmers Worldwide



What is Korean Natural Farming?
My most recent Korean Natural Farming post.

While I will start to post my main Korean Natural Farming content on the blurt blockchain, I will also share my content here on Steem as well.

I will be sharing my Korean Natural Farming practices here on Steem as I start to rebuild my inputs and start a new food Garden indoors using Korean Natural Farming techniques. From creating 'inputs', gathering local Microorganisms to even making fungal dominated compost; this will be a lengthy process.

By sharing my content here I aim to simply document my progress, help people become aware of this sustainable practice or even point them to online resources(classes, YouTube channels and patreon)to help the average farmer sustainably farm.

The post featured here will be a great resource for better understanding Korean Natural Farming. My next post will highlight an online class from my instructor and will further share my experiences with this man as a student of his. Stay tuned!

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