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Hello ajj maine app saab ko cake kye information do ga.aur bation ga kye yeahi uss kye faida bhut hai aur uss ka istmaal birthday maine aur khushi kye mouqa phire zaida hota hai mujhe cake bhut acha lagtai hai aur mere family walo ko bhi cake bhut hai zaida acha lagtai hai aur maine aur mere ghar wale bhut zaida shouq sy khtai hai.humere ghar maine cake ko khudh tyaar kya jatyaa hai aur jaab mode hoo tu hum cake bazaar sy bhi lai kar ataai hai yeahi bhut hai zaida acha hota hai.aur uss kye aur bhi bhut sy faida hai.


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mujhe cake acha lagtai hai aur mere saath saath mere dostion ko bhi yeahi cake acha lagtai uss cake ko sweet dish kye phire istmaal kar saktye hai.pakistan maine bhut achi achi cake tyaar kye jatey hai app ko jaise kisam ka cake cyeahi app na jaisya marzai cake laina hoo app ko wasya cake market sy eassy mel jai ga aur app ko acha bhi lagai ga.maine aur mere dost mel kar hum dost cake khtai hai bhut acha humere city sy cake melta hai jao mujhe bhut pasand bhi hai.


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