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If you're riding on the arch it's a it's bad thing for you and you're always going to be hitting the brake you just have more leverage on thes swm motorcycles and better balance if you're back here on the ball of your foot and then you'll just shift the weight you'll just shift the thing forward when you need to get to your brake but you want to be back here on the balls of your feet more often than not do yourself a favor and start slow you don't have to go too fast or go into the gnarliest terrain ever when you're just learning you want to have fun with this and you don't want to get injured and one way to get injured is to be going way too fast through obstacles that you're not familiar with or going too fast for your familiarity on the bike the speed will come over time the ability will come over time with patience don't push it too fast in the beginning another concept that was brought up over and over is the idea of buying an old clapped-out bike that needs a ton of maintenance and a ton of work just in order to save some money now I'm not saying that everyone has to go out there and buy new that's not what I'm saying what I'm saying is if the swm motorcycles needs more work and more maintenance than you even know how to do you've got enough on your plate with just learning all the ropes of all this stuff without having to fix the motorcycle every time or put hundreds of dollars into it just to make it seaworthy it might be better for you to spend a little bit more money to get.

It a little bit better maintained lightly used swm motorcyclesthan buying one that Super clap clapped out and broken just to save a few bucks another common mistake that we see and was mentioned was not bringing tools with you now this is a toolkit that height that straps to my hydration pack where I've got basically most of the tools in here that I'm going to need I even have some medication and have a way to start a fire I've got a bunch of different things in this in this thing I've even got a way to check tire pressure make sure that you've prepared and bring the type of stuff that you might need it also might include like a way to communicate via you know satellite to communicate with emergency services there's a lot of different things and you just need to make sure that you're prepared for the things that might happen to you out on the trail away from the truck another common mistake that was mentioned was learning not to skid the rear wheel pretty much goes without saying we don't want to skid the front wheel because we're gonna crash we do that but what we want to do is see if we can maintain traction and AB and have just the right amount of pressure on this rear brake so that we don't break it loose the second that we brake at least we've lost traction now that doesn't mean there aren't times that we want to skid it sometimes you want to skin it to help yourself into a turn but it would it would you would do well if you'd learn to apply just the right amount of pressure to swm motorcycles. give you some good stopping power but not break traction and skid that rear wheel another common mistake we see is not having realistic goals yes it's important for us to progress in this sport and over time we're gonna get faster but we don't we shouldn't get hard on ourselves when we don't turn into like Eli Tomac or Graham Jarvis within our first few weeks this is gonna take some time and you need to set some realistic goals and expectations for yourself and be patient with yourself the whole idea here is to have fun