Introducing Syncfab project and COBINHOOD exchange

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Introducing Syncfab project and COBINHOOD exchange

SyncFab completed its token sale in March and raised 15,000 ETH ($11 MN+). On April 16th, Cobinhood became the 1st platform to list the SyncFab MFG token with BTC / ETH / COB trading pairs. More on the project below:

SyncFab - Moving towards decentralized manufacturing

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The big problem manufacturing companies (especially small-mid sized) face today is related to inefficiencies related to procurement and supply chain. To source parts, they have to hire a procurement manager who in turn will rely on external brokers or agents all of which affects overhead costs and impact revenue. Further, it is also critical to find the right manufacturing partner with proof of experience and expertise to ensure product quality

SyncFab creates this link and access to revolutionize how businesses can meet their supply chain demand. With its headquarter in San Francisco Bay Area, SyncFab provides buyers with direct access to hardware manufacturers, eliminating intermediaries and providing seamless secure transactions and communications through smart contracts which in turn eliminates marketing costs for the manufacturer. The SyncFab blockchain aims to decentralize manufacturing via a peer-to-peer network through its utility token. It's B2B ecosystem will allow buyers to procure, manage and track parts production online through blockchain and smart contracts.

Cobinhood Exchange


Launched in 2017, Cobinhood is the world's first zero-trading fee crypto exchange. It boasts of a very intuitive user interface blended with high level of security, offering several rewards & airdrops for traders on the platform. Cobinhood is currently running a trading contest (ending soon) for top 10 traders where you can win 3,000,000 MFG reward.


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