hiding the 3rd world war

in #syrialast year

Everyone is being bombarded by the current turkish "liberation" of Idlib provine(sic).
with quotes from the turkish forces stating the "legal right" to defend observation posts held in the supposed buffer zone.
I would love to have some precident displayed to me how invading a sovereign state without permission guarantees any international legal position.

some key points need raisng.
the nato member, turkey buy from russia the anti aircraft s400 missile system , with some plaintive noises from nato.(usa)
all nato forces are equipped with systems to allow cross force utility. no member can use outside materials.
now nato has reverse engineered the s400, russian and syrian jets are now vulnerable to friendy weapon systems in enemy hands. as nato jets are now able to deploy appropriate countermeasures.

russia is in support of the syrian recognised government. materially , physically and with boots on the ground.

as the considered end of the "terrorists" is almost in sight. turkey invades syria, a clear breach of a number of united nations conventions.

the media is hiding the clear open war between nato and the russian federation.
this will not end well.